The Baylor Bears Basketball are back to their winning ways, with wins over Oklahoma and K-State this week. David and Brent, take a look at life in the Big 12, but on the winning side of all the games this time. Then the guys turn to a preview of the next two games— a weekend showdown against Alabama as a part of the Big 12-SEC Challenge and Monday’s game against West Virginia to close out the season series.

Go Bears and Sic Em!

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The 2021 college football season is in the books, and the boys are taking a look back at our favorite moments of Baylor's season, some of the funniest moments, and then taking a look ahead at what's to come in 2022.

  • 00:00 - Cold Open: Preseason Predictions Recap
  • 13:08 - Team Progress over the Season
  • 18:26 - Abram Smith's Impact
  • 21:37 - Offensive LIne
  • 24:08 - Mateos & Fazoli's
  • 26:26 - Favorite Moments of the Season
  • 37:14 - Hilarious Moments
  • 58:01 - Players Departing, Players Returning
  • 1:08:50 - Staffing Changes
  • 1:19:05 - Looking at Next Year (sorta... with some puppets thrown in)
  • 1:25:06 - Outro
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The Baylor Bears Basketball team splits the week, losing to Oklahoma State but beating a solid West Virginia team on the road in West Virginia.

Game Recaps

David and Brent, take a look at life in the Big 12. Including a second straight loss at home, this time to Oklahoma State. They also recount a rebound win over Bob Huggins’ West Virginia Mountaineers in Morgantown. Bookmarks David mentions on a couple tweets this week, showing evidence of “The Run”...

Game Previews

Then the guys turn to a preview of the next two games— a weekend showdown against Oklahoma in Norman and Tuesday’s game against the (somewhat) upstart Kansas State Wildcats in Waco.

  • Bears. Sooners. Norman, Oklahoma. Saturday at 2:00pm on ESPN+.
  • Bears. Wildcats. Waco, Texas. Tuesday at 7:00pm on ESPN+.

Go Bears and Sic Em!

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Game Recaps

David and Brent, take a look at life in the Big 12. Including a tough fought win on the road against TCU. They also recount the Bears’ first loss of the year, a close loss to Texas Tech in Waco. Even with the loss, the Bears were the last remaining undefeated team in all of college basketball (so what if it was only for a couple hours?!).


David mentions a single tweet this week, but it could mean great things.....

Game Previews

Then the guys turn to a preview of the next two games— a weekend showdown against Oklahoma State in Waco and Tuesday’s oddly-timed game against a solid West Virginia on the road in Morgantown. Bears. Pokes. Waco, Texas. Saturday at 4:00pm on ESPN. Bears. Mountaineers. Morgantown, West Virginia. Tuesday at 4:00pm (again, ???) on ESPN2.

Starting Five: Best Baylor Uniforms

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Game Recaps

David and Brent, take a look at yet another Top 10 win for the Bears, this time to start conference play on the road in Ames against Iowa State. They also recount the Big 12 home opening win over the Oklahoma Sooners and new head coach, Porter Moser.


  • David mulls over his favorite tweets of the week, including an absolute gem from Baylor Legend MaCio Teague’s mother, Barbara.
  • How good is this Baylor team? All eight regular contributors rank inside EvanMiya.com’s Top 200 most impactful players.

Game Previews

Then the guys turn to a preview of the next two games— a weekend showdown against TCU in Fort Worth and Tuesday’s game against a stingy Texas Tech defense at home.

  • Bears. Horned Frogs. Fort Worth, Texas. Saturday at 4:00pm on ESPN+.
  • Bears. Red Raiders. Waco, Texas. Tuesday at 6:00pm on ESPN2.

Starting Five: Best NIL Deals

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Coffey, Fank, & Peter break down a dominant Bears defensive performance and everything else in Baylor's 21-7 win over Ole Miss. We're breaking down the game, talking about the atmosphere in New Orleans, a bit about the CFP, plus some... unique... trash talk from opposing fans.

  • 00:00 - Cold Open: Passing Comparison
  • 04:50 - Welcome
  • 09:49 - Baylor 21, Ole Miss 7: 30K Foot View
  • 21:18 - Atmosphere in NOLA
  • 26:24 - Ole Miss's Trash Talk
  • 39:09 - Offensive Performance
  • 46:41 - Trestan Ebner's Huge Contribution
  • 49:58 - Monaray Baldwin's Touchdown
  • 56:58 - Abram Smith 58:57 - The Defense (& Siaki Ika)
  • 1:06:53 - Terrel Bernard
  • 1:10:27 - JT Woods
  • 1:12:43 - Al Walcott's Pick Six
  • 1:15:43 - Garmon Randolph
  • 1:18:07 - Bryson Jackson
  • 1:19:13 - Seniors Stepped Up
  • 1:20:19 - Special Teams
  • 1:21:48 - Final Sugar & Season Thoughts
  • 1:24:33 - New Years Six Bowls, Picks Final Results
  • 1:33:13 - Outro
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In what is becoming somewhat unremarkable news, the Baylor Bears remain the No. 1 team in the land (stop and think about that for a second lol).

David and Brent are joined by the editor in chief of Our Daily Bears, Mattisbear, to discuss all of the happenings in Baylor basketball. Perhaps most notably, the new home for Baylor Basketball, the Paul and Alejandra Foster Pavilion.

The trio then break down a solid road win against Pac-12 foe, Oregon. Matt addresses #BaylorTwitter and all lay out their thoughts on a lesser team’s recent comments.

David takes a minute to smell the statistical roses before turning to a preview of a Top 10 match up on Saturday in Ames, Iowa as the No. 1 Bears (12-0) take on a pleasant surprise undefeated No. 8 Iowa State (12-0) team (Saturday, 1/1 at 1:00pm central on ESPNU).

Finally, a return of everyone’s favorite new segment (and the only new segment): L-Word or F-Word. Topics:

  • Sochan’s Newest Hair Style
  • Mo Bamba aka Great Value Flo Thamba
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Coffey rejoins Fank and Peter to break down Baylor's second trip to the Sugar Bowl in three years to face off against Lane Kiffin and the Ole Miss Rebels.

  • 00:00 - Cold Open: Weird Bowl Mascots
  • 03:27 - Welcome: Sugar Bowl Memories
  • 10:16 - Sugar Bowl Preview: Ole Miss High Level
  • 17:48 - Contrast of Head Coaches
  • 20:42 - Ole Miss Offense vs. Baylor Defense
  • 38:32 - Baylor's Offense vs. Ole Miss Defense
  • 50:03 - Bowl Picks of the Week
  • 1:05:00 - Outro
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Fank and Peter welcome the co-host of the Solid Verbal podcast, Ty Hildenbrandt to talk about this hilarious and dumb sport called college football that we all know and love, a little bit about his life as a full-time podcasting host, the coaching carousel, and Baylor's surprising season of greatness.

  • 00:00 - Welcome Ty Hildenbrandt of the Solid Verbal
  • 03:57 - Co-hosting the Solid Verbal full-time
  • 09:24 - College Football is Dumb and Fun
  • 15:25 - Coaching Carousel Madness
  • 30:31 - Baylor's 2021 Season
  • 57:26 - Thoughts on the 12-team CFP from a Notre Dame fan
  • 1:03:53 - Ty's Sugar Bowl Thoughts
  • 1:13:50 - Outro

Travis Roeder, now of SicEm365.com, rejoins Fank and Peter to talk through Baylor's 2022 Recruiting Class as it stands after Early Signing Day. We're deep diving on all the recruits that Baylor signed in the early window!

  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 03:04 - Baylor Basketball is #1
  • 09:13 - Sugar Bowl: Matt Corral Playing, Jeff Lebby Coaching
  • 14:04 - Matt Powledge to Oregon
  • 18:02 - Early Signing Day: 30K Foot View
  • 22:06 - Travis Roeder's Personal Faves
  • 33:25 - Wide Receivers
  • 41:37 - Kaian Roberts-Day, etc.
  • 48:32 - Offensive Line
  • 59:44 - RB: Richard Reese
  • 1:00:38 - TE: Cody Mladenka
  • 1:01:55 - Defensive Line
  • 1:06:19 - Defensive Backs
  • 1:11:20 - Linebackers
  • 1:16:39 - What's Next?
  • 1:20:39 - Outro
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The Baylor Bears continue to dominate their opponets on the hardwood. David and Brent discuss the defensive clinic put on in Waco Sunday as the Bears reclaimed the country’s No. 1 ranking, in both the AP Poll and KenPom.

The guys attempt to rank Sunday’s atmosphere in the recent history of Baylor sporting events before turning their sights on next Saturday’s road tilt against Oregon in Eugene (ESPN2 at 9:00pm central).

Finally, a new segment makes its impromptu debut: L-Word or F-Word.

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Welcome to the Basketpod, Brent Pollard!

David and new co-host, Brent, take a look at the state of college hoops and the Bears rout of Arkansas Pine-Bluff. Then the guys turn to a preview of the Top 6 match up--and rematch from the Sweet 16--with Jay Wright's Villanova Wildcats.

Bears. Wildcats. Waco, Texas. Sunday at 2:00pm on ABC.

This week's Starting Five: Bar Fight Crew

Twitter: @davidhornbeak; @BrentGPollard


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The Baylor Bears are Big 12 Champions. And Baylor Football has a new legend in Jairon McVea for his heroics on the penultimate play of the game, stopping Oklahoma State mere inches from the goal line. Coffey, Fank, & Peter are breaking down this instant classic of a game.

  • 00:00 - Cold Open: The McPlay
  • 12:12 - Welcome. Fank & Peter, Take Your Ls
  • 15:27 - Jairon McVea: Baylor Legend Forever
  • 23:03 - Blake Shapen's Day
  • 25:46 - Opening Salvos 27:22 - First INT, First TD
  • 30:24 - Second INT, Second TD
  • 35:30 - Defense Steps Up
  • 37:47 - Intentional Grounding... Forward Pass or Lateral?
  • 39:25 - 21-3. What?
  • 40:15 - Capitalizing Off of Turnovers
  • 41:14 - Oklahoma State Starts the Comeback
  • 44:29 - The Controversial Fourth Down Call
  • 50:50 - Oklahoma State Takes Advantage
  • 51:32 - INT #4
  • 52:46 - Hold Onto Your Butts
  • 56:47 - Isaac. Freaking. Power.
  • 58:12 - The Final Drive
  • 1:00:01 - Spencer Sanders on Goal Line Stands?
  • 1:02:46 - More on the Non-Timeout
  • 1:05:32 - Aftermath of the McPlay
  • 1:12:20 - Aranda & Staff Out Recruiting
  • 1:13:35 - Impact on Recruiting & Transfer Portal
  • 1:17:06 - Championship Whiparound
  • 1:21:44 - Sugar Bowl Bound!
  • 1:25:22 - Little Bit of Basketball
  • 1:26:56 - Outro
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Coffey, Fank & Peter come back to talk more about coaching changes, the 2022 Big 12 Schedule, CFP Rankings, and oh yeah... THE BIG 12 CHAMPIONSHIP GAME! Baylor vs. Oklahoma State. Get Hype.

  • 00:00 - Cold Open: How to Change Coaching Jobs
  • 10:08 - Welcome
  • 10:43 - Coaching Carousel Actual Update
  • 13:07 - 2022 Big 12 Schedule Released
  • 18:20 - CFP Rankings Update
  • 24:01 - Big 12 Championship Game Preview
  • 28:41 - Baylor's Offense vs. Oklahoma State's Defense
  • 40:42 - Oklahoma State's Offense vs. Baylor's Defense
  • 46:47 - Final Thoughts
  • 51:38 - Picks of the Championship Week
Direct download: 286_-_OurDailyPodcast-_Big_Bucks_No_Hammies.mp3
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David and Kendall, for the last time as a member of ODB, take a look at the Baylor Bears' Battle 4 Atlantis tournament title and the state of college basketball so far. The guys talk impressive showings and possible areas for improvement to take the Bears to the next level. Finally, Kendall recounts a few of his favorite moments from his time on the Basketpod over the years.

Direct download: Voice_Chat_20211130_2154.mp3
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A hard-fought Baylor win over Texas Tech may be like the fourth biggest thing to talk about on this week's show... But the Baylor Bears are bound for the Big 12 Championship Game! The Recap of that game, Bedlam, coaching changes, and much more!

  • 00:00 - Cold Open & Intro: Brian Kelly to LSU
  • 09:52 - Baylor 27, Texas Tech 24
  • 15:21 - The feel of 2021 wins vs. 2019 wins
  • 19:13 - Props to Tech for Bringing It
  • 22:26 - Survival Game
  • 25:11 - Time of Possession & Finishing Drives
  • 30:53 - Shapen's Day
  • 36:00 - Abram Smith & His Record-Tying Day
  • 38:38 - Other School Records
  • 40:46 - The Fourth Down Decision
  • 47:58 - The Impact of Losing Al Walcott
  • 49:06 - Shouts to Raleigh Texada
  • 49:40 - Iron Bowl Quick Hit
  • 51:17 - BEDLAM!!
  • 57:20 - Lincoln Riley to USC
  • 1:07:34 - Bowl Stuff
  • 1:10:13 - Outro
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The Baylor Bears take care of business in Manhattan, Kansas against an extremely tough Kansas State team. Coffey, Fank & Peter break down the W, take a quick look at Texas Tech & Senior Day, plus some early Picks.

  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 06:13 - Baylor 20, K-State 10: 30K Foot View
  • 11:32 - A Solid Start
  • 14:13 - Scattershooting: Offense and Defense
  • 17:27 - Back to the Offense (thanks Coffey!)
  • 21:48 - Blake Shapen in Relief
  • 28:28 - Gerry Bohanon's Injury
  • 32:24 - Running Back Performances
  • 40:53 - Defensive Performance: Scheming for Deuce Vaughn
  • 44:46 - Gabe Hall & Defensive Pressure
  • 48:20 - Complete Team Defensive Effort
  • 51:14 - A Physical Game: Injuries
  • 53:48 - Props to Chris Klieman & Kansas State
  • 55:36 - First Look: Texas Tech
  • 1:02:52 - McLane Stadium: Tough Place to Play an 11am Game
  • 1:04:56 - Scattershooting: Big 12, Conference Championship, Bowls
  • 1:08:54 - Picks of the Week
  • 1:19:12 - Outro
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Coffey, Fank & Peter storm the fleld of McLane Stadium once again, to recap the dominating victory over Oklahoma. We're talking defensive dominance, running backs, QB legs, Kansas State, and much more. This is a fun one!

  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 01:40 - Mack Rhoades Stormed the Field
  • 06:41 - Baylor 27, OU 14: 30K Foot View
  • 13:26 - Baylor's Defensive Front: Wearing OU Down
  • 24:00 - In-Stadium Atmosphere
  • 30:34 - Big Noon Kickoff
  • 36:15 - Gerry Bohanon's Arm & Legs
  • 37:48 - Abram Smith Superlatives
  • 39:34 - Offensive Identity
  • 41:14 - Trestan Ebner: Unsung
  • 44:02 - Four Quarters Offense
  • 45:56 - The Third Down
  • 50:07 - Storm the Field!!
  • 59:12 - Kansas State Preview
  • 1:14:58 - Texas Lost to Kansas
  • 1:15:38 - Picks of the Week
  • 1:23:22 - Outro
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Coffey, Fank, & Peter do what must be done... We're talking about the CFP rankings, Joey McGuire's departure to Lubbock, the TCU game, looking ahead to Oklahoma, and Picks.

  • 00:00 - Cold Open
  • 01:10 - Intro
  • 02:26 - CFP Rankings
  • 07:35 - Joey McGuire to Texas Tech
  • 19:23 - Arby's... Vodka?
  • 20:38 - TCU 30, Baylor 28
  • 38:11 - Oklahoma Preview
  • 52:32 - Picks of the Week
  • 1:02:50 - Outro
Direct download: 281_-_OurDailyPodcast-_What_a_Week_Huh.mp3
Category:Baylor Football -- posted at: 7:30am CST

In case you had forgotten, the Baylor Bears are the reigning Men's Basketball National Champions! David and Kendall are back to preview this year's team, break down the Big 12, offer some scolding takes, and tell you who will be in the Final Four.

Direct download: Voice_Chat_20211108_2220.mp3
Category:Baylor Basketball -- posted at: 5:47am CST

The podcast is chock full of stuff to cover this week. Victories over the Longhorns! Coaching departures! Playoff Rankings! Romantic energies! Monkey Business! A game to preview, and oh yeah, Picks!!

  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 02:21 - Patterson: Out at TCU
  • 19:36 - CFP Rankings
  • 28:59 - Baylor 31, Texas 24
  • 40:13 - TEAM Defense
  • 42:24 - Gerry Bohanon's Performance
  • 45:46 - RBs: Offense and Defense
  • 50:22 - Bijan Robinson & Dillon Doyle: All Class
  • 53:12 - Secondary
  • 55:34 - Fourth. Down. Fake. Punt.
  • 1:00:57 - Hahaha, I LOVE it! Abram Smith's Touchdown
  • 1:07:53 - Monkey Business
  • 1:15:15 - Baylor vs. TCU Preview
  • 1:28:21 - Picks of the Week
  • 1:37:34 - Outro

Coffey, Fank, and Peter take a look at a wide open Big 12 Race before getting down to the nitty gritty of Baylor vs. Texas. This may be the last time that the horns come to town. Get there. Be loud. Sic 'em.

  • 00:00 - Cold Open: So Long, Matt Wells
  • 07:35 - Intro
  • 11:10 - Big 12 Conference Race
  • 23:12 - Texas Preview Start
  • 26:58 - Animosity Building
  • 30:17 - Longhorn Offense
  • 38:00 - Baylor's Defensive Game Plan? https://twitter.com/penland365/status/1453471830665310210
  • 47:08 - Longhorns Defense
  • 52:44 - Bulletin Board Material
  • 54:47 - Picks of the Week
  • 1:02:48 - Outro
Direct download: 278_-_OurDailyPodcast-_Horns_Down.mp3
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Coffey, Fank, & Peter break down Baylor Football's victory over BYU, take stock of where the team is slightly over midway through the season, and maybe the leanest slate of picks all season.

  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 03:30 - Baylor 38, BYU 24
  • 29:14 - Midseason Discussions
  • 47:00 - Picks of the Week
Direct download: 277_-_OurDailyPodcast-_BYU__Off_Week_Stuff.mp3
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Coffey returns to join Fank and Peter to break down Baylor's impressive win over West Virginia and preview the "storied rivalry" with BYU for Homecoming!

  • 00:00 - Cold Open
  • 03:24 - Intro
  • 08:58 - WVU: 30K Foot View
  • 12:16 - The Heat
  • 15:08 - Tyquan Thornton
  • 20:05 - Coaching Staff & Game Plan
  • 32:39 - Offensive Line Play
  • 34:36 - Gerry Bohanon
  • 36:26 - Ben Sims
  • 39:26 - Terrel Bernard
  • 44:10 - Apu Ika
  • 44:50 - Defense Against the Run
  • 48:54 - BYU Preview
  • 1:02:26 - Picks of the Week
  • 1:14:54 - Outro
Direct download: 276_-_OurDailyPodcast-_Statements_and_Homecoming.mp3
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Coffey is out this week so Fank and Peter are rejoined by ODB's own Travis Roeder to break down what happened against Oklahoma State and look ahead to the West Virginia game on Saturday, plus a surprise guest for Picks of the Week!

  • 00:00 - Cold Open
  • 05:14 - The Return of Travis Roeder
  • 07:28 - Oklahoma State: 30K Foot View
  • 14:06 - The Offense
  • 32:20 - The "Second Pitch"
  • 34:24 - Credit to Oklahoma State's Defense
  • 39:16 - Defensive Review
  • 54:30 - West Virginia Preview
  • 1:15:42 - Picks of the Week featuring Arden Roeder
  • 1:22:32 - Your Regular Reminder
  • 1:34:04 - Back to Picks
  • 1:31:30 - Outro
Direct download: 275_-_OurDailyPodcast-_Gut_Check_Time.mp3
Category:Baylor Football -- posted at: 8:46am CST

Fank rejoins Coffey and Pope to recap the Iowa State Game and look forward to Oklahoma State, plus the Picks!

  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 01:33 - News Updates
  • 13:21 - Iowa State Recap
  • 47:06 - Oklahoma State Preview
  • 1:01:00 - Picks of the Week
  • 1:12:14 - Outro
Direct download: 274_-_OurDailyPodcast-_The_States_of_Iowa_and_Oklahoma.mp3
Category:Baylor Football -- posted at: 6:11am CST

With Fank out on vacation, ODB's own Travis Roeder joins the podcast to look back at Kansas, preview Iowa State, and talk about his thoughts on why Gerry Bohanon is the real deal.

  • 00:00 - Cold Open: Gerry Bohanon
  • 11:16 - The Team's Development Thus Far
  • 18:15 - Welcome (lol)
  • 20:34 - QBs that can Stretch the Field
  • 23:24 - Kansas Recap Start
  • 26:50 - Adjustments on the Fly
  • 28:30 - Looking at the Stats
  • 32:22 - Offense
  • 36:16 - Running Backs
  • 42:50 - Defensive Pressure
  • 47:18 - Iowa State Preview: Starting with Brock Purdy
  • 51:40 - Breece Hall & RBs
  • 55:20 - Baylor's Defensive Game Plan
  • 1:00:03 - Baylor's Offense vs. Iowa State's Defense
  • 1:11:58 - Going for it on Fourth Down
  • 1:15:38 - Picks of the Week
  • 1:28:44 - Outro
Direct download: 273_-_OurDailyPodcast-_Big_Games_Ahead_ft._Travis_Roeder.mp3
Category:Baylor Football -- posted at: 9:15am CST

Coffey, Fank & Peter talk CFB Chaos, recap the Baylor Football win over Texas Southern, preview the upcoming Kansas game plus Picks of the Week!

  • 00:00 - Cold Open: Chaos?
  • 06:48 - Your Regular Reminder: Baylor MBB are National Champs
  • 11:57 - News Quick Hits
  • 15:38 - Texas Southern: 30K Foot View
  • 18:22 - Being Back at McLane Stadium
  • 23:46 - Offense
  • 40:38 - Defense
  • 46:39 - Kansas Preview
  • 57:07 - Picks of the Week
  • 1:10:30 - Outro
Direct download: 272_-_OurDailyPodcast-_Superlatives_and_Caveats.mp3
Category:Baylor Football -- posted at: 6:11am CST

Coffey, Fank, and Peter handle the latest realignment news, then break down the Baylor Bears' win over Texas State and look forward to the Home Opener vs. Texas Southern on Saturday.

  • 00:00 - Cold Open: Conference Expansion
  • 10:41 - Texas State: 30K Foot View
  • 17:49 - The Broadcast
  • 29:06 - Offense
  • 42:00 - Defense
  • 55:26 - Texas Southern Preview
  • 1:02:52 - Picks of the Week
  • 1:15:42 - Outro
Direct download: 271_-_OurDailyPodcast-_Realignment_and_the_TSUs.mp3
Category:Baylor Football -- posted at: 6:10am CST

Coffey, Fank, and Peter are back to give you bring you their annual season predictions!

  • 00:00 - Intro & Cold Open
  • 04:02 - Housekeeping Items
  • 09:19 - Texas State: Preview
  • 20:46 - Texas State: Picks
  • 23:44 - Texas Southern
  • 24:51 - Kansas
  • 26:43 - Iowa State
  • 33:15 - Oklahoma State
  • 35:45 - West Virginia
  • 39:38 - BYU - Homecoming
  • 43:54 - Texas
  • 50:16 - TCU
  • 54:06 - Oklahoma
  • 56:46 - Kansas State
  • 59:20 - Texas Tech
  • 1:03:03 - Big 12 Championship
  • 1:04:06 - CFP & National Championship
  • 1:09:15 - Picks of the Week
  • 1:22:09 - Outro
Direct download: 269_-_OurDaily_Podcast-_The_2021_Season_Predictions_Podcast_.mp3
Category:Baylor Football -- posted at: 6:34am CST

Coffey is back this week to help Fank and Peter preview the Baylor Bears' defense for the 2021 college football season.

  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 07:15 - Gerry Bohanon Named QB1
  • 14:06 - Pac 12/B1G/ACC Alliance & Expansion
  • 22:19 - Defensive Preview : 2020 Recap
  • 27:06 - Defensive Scheme Overview
  • 34:46 - Defensive Personnel
  • 47:55 - Expectations for the Defense
  • 58:06 - Pick of the Week
  • 1:03:53 - Outro
Direct download: 269_-_OurDailyPodcast-_2021_Baylor_Bears_Defensive_Preview.mp3
Category:Baylor Football -- posted at: 8:51am CST

With Coffey out for a second straight week, David and Peter are joined by SicEm 365's Grayson Grundhoefer to preview the 2021 Baylor Bears Offense. This one is mega-sized, so we hope you enjoy it!

  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 08:26 - 2020 Offense Recap
  • 16:10 - Offensive Staff
  • 23:09 - Scheme Overview
  • 32:17 - Quarterback Battle
  • 50:20 - Offensive Line
  • 1:05:40 - Running Backs
  • 1:16:39 - Wide Receivers
  • 1:27:18 - Tight Ends
  • 1:34:18 - Your Weekly Reminder
  • 1:35:28 - Final Thoughts

Fank and Peter are back on the podcast to discuss the release of the NCAA findings of its investigation into the Baylor sexual assault scandal and the sanctions levied against the Bears. Then we cover a bit of ground concerning realignment. This marks the return of the regular weekly shows, so look out next week for our preview of the offense!

If you want to review the NCAA's findings, you can do so here.

  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 01:51 - NCAA's Investigation Findings
  • 17:12 - The Sanctions
  • 36:58 - Realignment Update
  • 44:24 - Your Regular Reminder
  • 44:50 - Realignment, Continued
  • 57:38 - Final Thoughts
Direct download: 267_-_OurDailyPodcast-_NCAA_Issues_Findings_Finally.mp3
Category:Baylor Football -- posted at: 9:15am CST

The gang recaps the latest news regarding Texas and Oklahoma's intent to depart for the SEC, speculate on why this is happening, debate what it means for Baylor and the rest of the Big 12 remnants, plus discuss your terrible realignment ideas!

  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 00:50 - Baylor is STILL your Men's Basketball National Champion
  • 01:40 - Realignment Rears its Ugly Head
  • 28:25 - Where do we go from here?
  • 47:19 - Your Worst Realignment Ideas
  • 59:24 - Final Thoughts
Direct download: 266_-_OurDailyPodcast-_Respect_My_Decision_No_Interviews.mp3
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Coffey, Fank & Peter are back with another "kitchen sink" style eposide, talking the latest news on College Football Playoff expansion, the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision with the NCAA and its ramifications, plus how Baylor recruiting is tearing it up right now!

  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 04:39 - CFP Expansion Latest
  • 31:44 - Reminder: Baylor MBB won the National Championship
  • 32:44 - SCOTUS: NCAA v. Alston Decision
  • 45:49 - Baylor Recruiting Update
  • 1:04:09 - Outro
Direct download: 265_-_OurDailyPodcast-_Playoffs_Supreme_Court_Recruiting.mp3
Category:Baylor Football -- posted at: 8:05am CST

David and Kendall are joined by fellow ODB team member, Michael Nichols, to recap and send off the 2020-2021 National Championship season with their favorite memories followed up by what the offseason and next year.

As a note: This was recorded prior to the hiring of Nicki Collen. Also, prior to the commitment of Dale Bonner.

Direct download: 2021_Recap.mp3
Category:Baylor Basketball -- posted at: 2:44am CST

Hoo buddy there's a TON happening in this episode of ODP! First, Fank, Coffey & Peter are back to discuss everything from the basketball national championship (no, it still hasn't sunk in), the loss of WBB Head Coach Kim Mulkey, and Football's Spring Game. Then, Mattisbear is back on the podcast, talking Baylor Baseball resurgent with Max Garner. Good stuff. Enjoy!

  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 02:53 - National Champions!
  • 42:50 - Kim Mulkey takes the LSU Job
  • 58:56 - Spring Game Recap
  • 1:28:06 - BaseballPod!
Direct download: 263_-_OurDailyPodcast-_MEGA_KITCHEN_SINK_EPISODE.mp3
Category:Baylor Basketball -- posted at: 4:26pm CST

David and Kendall relive the awe-inspiring domination of the Gonzaga Bulldogs at the hand of Scott Drew's Baylor Bears! The emotional high of cheering for national championship team has not worn off! Congratulations to the 2020-2021 NCAA Men's Basketball National Champions, the Baylor Bears!!!

Go Bears and Sic Em!

Direct download: Final_ready.mp3
Category:Baylor Basketball -- posted at: 5:55am CST

David catches up with Kendall as he is live from Indy so they can recap the Baylor Bears’ resounding, dominating, [insert other synonym for dominate here] victory over the Houston Cougars. It was never close.

That win, along with Gonzaga’s overtime buzzer-beater win against 11-seed UCLA, sets up one of the most anticipated Finals games in recent NCAA basketball history. The game all of college basketball has been clamoring to see has been set. Baylor-Gonzaga. Monday. 8:20pm.

The guys break down the Gonzaga defense, offense, and x-factors in their keys to a Baylor victory.

Direct download: Voice_Chat_20210404_2023.mp3
Category:Baylor Basketball -- posted at: 5:47am CST

Kendall and David look back at the Elite Eight win over a great Arkansas team to reach the program’s third Final Four, first since 1950.

Next, the guys preview the Bears’ opponent for Saturday’s national semi-final matchup and former Southwest Conference rival, the 2-seed Houston Cougars.

Go Bears and Sic Em!


Direct download: Voice_Chat_20210331_2222.mp3
Category:Baylor Basketball -- posted at: 5:00am CST

Kendall and David look back at the Sweet Sixteen win over a tough Villanova squad to reach the program’s third Elite Eight since 2010. Baylor is the ONLY program in the NCAA to have both its Women's and Men's basketball teams reach the Elite Eight this year after the Baylor Lady Bears took down Michigan in overtime.

Next, the guys preview the Bears’ opponent for Monday's matchup and former Southwest Conference rival, the Arkansas Razorbacks. Finally, the guys review the first weekend and their biggest takeaways from a much missed start to March Madness. Go Bears and Sic Em!

Direct download: Elight_Eight.mp3
Category:Baylor Basketball -- posted at: 5:47am CST

Kendall and David look back at the opening weekend of the 2021 NCAA Tournament where the No. 1 Seeded Baylor Bears picked up convincing wins over Hartford and Wisconsin to advance to the program’s fifth Sweet Sixteen since 2010.

Next, the guys preview the Bears’ opponent for Saturday’s Sweet Sixteen matchup, the Villanova Wildcats.

Finally, the guys review the first weekend and their biggest takeaways from a much missed start to March Madness.

Go Bears and Sic Em!

Direct download: Voice_Chat_20210324_2111.mp3
Category:Baylor Basketball -- posted at: 5:47am CST

Kendall and David look back at the Big 12 Tournament where Baylor picked up another win over Kansas State but eventually fell in the semi-finals to Oklahoma State. The Bears dropped their second game of the seasons on shooting a season worst 21% from deep.

The guys then turn their attention—and most of this week’s episode—to the NCAA Tournament Bracket. The Baylor Bears secured the program’s first No. 1 seed as they were named the No. 1 seed in the South Region and the No. 2 overall seed. Baylor takes on the Hartford Hawks on Friday in the first round of the Big Dance.

Direct download: Voice_Chat_20210314_2046.mp3
Category:Baylor Basketball -- posted at: 6:00am CST

Kendall and David look back at the Bears' three game week which brought Baylor its first Men’s Basketball conference title in over 70 years and three more wins over ranked opponents including West Virginia, Oklahoma State, and Texas Tech.

Before turning to a great interview segment, Big 12 tournament picks are locked in.

The guys are also joined by Evan Miyakawa of EvanMiya.com to discuss the advantages and uses of advanced analytics. Evan explains the effect Covid related pauses have on teams, how his site is different from the other advanced stat sites out there, and what all goes into his approach. Be sure to check out his site and on twitter (@evanmiya) to play with all of the data he has available. Go Bears and Sic Em!

Direct download: Voice_Chat_20210309_2005.mp3
Category:Baylor Basketball -- posted at: 5:47am CST

Kendall and David look back at the Bears first two games off of the three-week Covid pause, including the first loss of the season. The guys preview the three upcoming games over the next week as #3 Baylor takes on the West Virginia Mountaineers in Morgantown on Tuesday (ESPN-4:00pm), Oklahoma State in Waco on Thursday (ESPN2-6:00pm), and the regular season finale against Texas Tech at home on Sunday (ESPN - 3:00pm).

Direct download: Voice_Chat_20210301_2137.mp3
Category:Baylor Basketball -- posted at: 5:57am CST

After a long, cold hiatus your Baylor Bears are back in action. Kendall and David briefly look back at the Auburn and Texas games before turning to the 3-game week ahead, including games against Iowa State and West Virginia. They also explain the oddly written tie breaker rule for the regular season championship crown.

Starting Five: Overrated College Basketball Teams

Direct download: Voice_Chat_20210222_2148.mp3
Category:Baylor Basketball -- posted at: 5:47am CST

Kendall and David look back at yet another week of undefeated Baylor Bears basketball as Drew’s Crew took down a Cunningham-less Oklahoma State and absolutely obliterated Kansas State behind a 33-point career high from Davion Mitchell.

The guys preview the next two upcoming games over the next week as #2 Baylor takes on the Auburn Tigers in Waco for the Big 12/SEC Challenge on Saturday (ESPN - 3:00pm) and the Texas Longhorns on Tuesday (ESPN-6:00pm).

Also, we had some great suggestions to discuss from folks on Twitter and we definitely forgot! Please keep the ideas coming and we promise to actually remember to discuss!

Direct download: Voice_Chat_20210128_2217.mp3
Category:Baylor Basketball -- posted at: 5:35am CST

Kendall and David look back at the biggest week and biggest wins of the season yet! As we previously warned, Jared Butler is good at this sport.

The guys preview the next two upcoming games over the next week as #2 Baylor takes on Oklahoma State in Stillwater on Saturday (CBS - 1:00pm) and Kansas State on Wednesday (TBD-8:00pm).

Direct download: Voice_Chat_20210121_2233_2.mp3
Category:Baylor Basketball -- posted at: 10:56am CST

Kendall and David look back at yet another double digit conference win. West Virginia don’t want this smoke. Jared Butler is good at this sport. The guys preview the two big upcoming games against ranked opponents this week as #2 Baylor takes on #15 Texas Tech in Lubbock on Saturday (ESPN - 3:00pm) and #6 Kansas on Big Monday (ESPN-8:00pm).

  • Jared Butler appeared on Barstool Bench Mob: Episode 17
  • Kendall shares a few thoughts from his conversation with Matthew Mayer.
Direct download: Voice_Chat_20210114_2211.mp3
Category:Baylor Basketball -- posted at: 10:54am CST

After a nice break for the Holidays and a bunch of playoff games, we're back to discuss the coaching hires for Baylor Football plus talk a litle bit about the Playoff games, and what we think is wrong with college football right now.

  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 01:58 - Staff Departures
  • 12:02 - Jeff Grimes!
  • 16:46 - Other New Staff
  • 37:08 - The Grimes Offense
  • 45:26 - Playoff Talk
  • 52:24 - The State of College Football
  • 1:09:24 - Outro


Direct download: 250_-_OurDailyPodcast-_Coordinator_News_and_Playoff_Blues.mp3
Category:Baylor Football -- posted at: 12:05pm CST

Kendall and David look back at two more conference wins by doubled digits: an 11-point win over Iowa State and a 15-point win over Oklahoma. Its nice to win conference games even when you don’t play your best!

The guys preview the two upcoming day games this week as #2 Baylor takes on TCU in Fort Worth on Saturday (ESPN - 2:00pm) and West Virginia on Tuesday (ESPN2 - 8:00pm).

Matthew Mayer’s continued improvement and key role for the Bears off the bench.

Kendall shares a few exclusive quips from his conversation with Everyday John and breaks down the advantages and objectives of a “No Middle” Defense.

Starting Five: Ice Cream Flavors

Direct download: Voice_Chat_20210107_2229.mp3
Category:Baylor Basketball -- posted at: 5:30am CST

Kendall and David look back to the dominating win over Arkansas-Pine Bluff and the fantastic start to conference play with a stomping of Kansas State. Also, how Jonathan “Everyday John” Tchamwa Tchatchoua has become so effective and infectious off the Baylor bench.

The guys preview the two upcoming day games this week as #2 Baylor takes on Central Arkansas on Tuesday (ESPN+ - 3:00pm) and Alcorn State on Wednesday (ESPN+ - 2:00pm).

Direct download: Voice_Chat_20201224_0924.mp3
Category:Baylor Basketball -- posted at: 5:30am CST

Any time we podcast, there's bound to be news that drops in the next 24 hours. So, Coffey, Fank, and Peter are talking about everything BUT the coaching changes that have happened today because they recorded last night. Here's what we're talking about:

  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 00:48 - Brief Recap of Oklahoma State
  • 05:54 - Charlie Brewer Transferring
  • 13:50 - Additional Transfers and NFL Declarations
  • 16:46 - Returning Player Announcements
  • 27:36 - Early Signing Period
  • 31:04 - Transfers In
  • 41:18 - Playoff/Bowl Talk
  • 59:53 - Chance Waz
  • 1:04:39 - Outro
Direct download: 247_-_OurDailyPodcast-_End_of_Season.mp3
Category:Baylor Football -- posted at: 5:08pm CST

Coffey, Fank and Peter recap what was a wild Baylor football game against Oklahoma, talk about some of the news and notes plus a look ahead to the season finale against Oklahoma State on Saturday. Plus Picks!

  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 05:00 - Oklahoma Recap
  • 06:45 - 30K foot view
  • 10:45 - Offense Review
  • 13:05 - Offensive Line
  • 15:55 - Running Back Depletion
  • 22:53 - Field Goal Decisions
  • 25:13 - The Defense... and Jalen Pitre
  • 29:31 - Credit to the Staff
  • 33:22 - Other Defensive Notables
  • 35:22 - News & Notes
  • 41:37 - Fank Previews Oklahoma State
  • 51:19 - Picks of the Week
  • 1:04:18 - Outro
Direct download: 246_-_OurDailyPodcast-_The_Oklahomas.mp3
Category:Baylor Football -- posted at: 10:35am CST

Matt Wilson (@mattisbear) sits down with Justin Carter from Dave Campbell’s Texas Basketball to discuss the Baylor Women's Basketball Team, their season so far, and what to expect in 2020-2021. Find Justin and all of his writing on Twitter @juscarts.

Direct download: 245_-_OurDailyPodcast-_Womens_Basketball_2020_Season_Preview.mp3
Category:Baylor Basketball -- posted at: 11:31am CST

Coffey, Fank & Peter are breaking down the Baylor Bears' win against Kansas State in what turned out to be a tale of two different havles. Plus we're looking at whether we'll play OU and then acutally doing a bit of previewing OU. It's fun! Winning is fun!

  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 00:44 - K-State: General Thoughts
  • 01:16 - 30K-foot View
  • 08:16 - First Half Struggles
  • 10:08 - The Holder Situation and Momentum Shifts
  • 14:57 - Putting Mistakes to Bed
  • 20:08 - Play to the players, not the plays
  • 23:12 - R. J. SNEED.
  • 28:42 - More Wide Receiver Love
  • 31:40 - John Mayers
  • 34:46 - Let Charlie Be Charlie
  • 37:28 - An Unusual Statistic
  • 38:24 - OU?
  • 46:11 - OU.
  • 58:24 - Picks of the Week
  • 1:05:32 - Outro
Direct download: 243_-_OurDailyPodcast-_A_Tale_of_Two_Halves.mp3
Category:Baylor Football -- posted at: 10:30am CST


Kendall and David look back to the dominating wins over Louisiana and Washington as Coach Tang moves to 4-0 as Baylor Head Coach. Also, how the new pieces are fitting into the line up and Scott Drew’s expected return to the sideline for this week’s games.

The guys preview the two marquee match ups in college basketball this week as #2 Baylor takes on #5 Illinois on Wednesday (ESPN - 9:00pm) and #1 Gonzaga (CBS- 12:00pm) on Saturday.

Direct download: Voice_Chat_20201130_2109.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:30am CST

After a week off, we're back and we're talking a bit about a bunch of stuff. Happy Thanksgiving!

  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 01:06 - We're Not Talking About Texas Tech
  • 03:38 - Soul Searching About This Season
  • 14:24 - Thanksgiving!
  • 29:40 - Thanksgiving Football?
  • 32:12 - Kansas State "Preview"
  • 46:22 - Picks of the Week
  • 57:36 - Outro
Direct download: 242_-_OurDailyPodcast-_Happy_Thanksgiving_Back.mp3
Category:Baylor Football -- posted at: 11:55pm CST

Kendall and David are back with the Basketpod. The guys react live to breaking COVID and scheduling news, preview Baylor's roster and projected starting five, and forecast the loaded Big 12.

Power Rankings have been re-vamped and is now the "Starting Five"-- this is a basketball show after all. This week's Starting Five: Game Shows

Direct download: Voice_Chat_20201122_2248.mp3
Category:Baylor Basketball -- posted at: 5:47am CST

Lots to talk about on this week's ODP. We're recapping the Baylor Bears' loss against Iowa State, talking through our thoughts about Baylor's QB1 situation, the Running Game, Iowa State, reacting to the injuries suffered against the 'Clones, and looking ahead to the Texas Tech game. We hope you enjoy.

  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 04:32 - Iowa State from 30K feet
  • 09:18 - Our Thoughts on QB1
  • 14:56 - The Running Game Bears Responsibility
  • 20:08 - Breece Hall is Really Good
  • 21:46 - Iowa State's Offense
  • 25:52 - Baylor's Defensive Performance
  • 33:36 - Terrel Bernard. Dang it.
  • 41:00 - Sqwirl Williams Injury Update
  • 45:00 - Running Back Situation
  • 48:00 - Who Replaces Bernard?
  • 50:44 - Texas Tech Preview
  • 1:04:22 - Picks of the Week
  • 1:17:20 - Outro
Direct download: 240_-_OurDailyPodcast-_Texas_Tech__the_MM_Gang.mp3
Category:Baylor Football -- posted at: 6:45am CST

We're breaking down what was an awful 2.5 quarters of Baylor Football followed by a frenetic comeback that fell short against TCU last Saturday, talking about what that comeback meant for the season, looking ahead to a very good Iowa State Cyclones team on Saturday in Ames, plus picks of the week.

  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 02:00 - TCU from 30K feet
  • 13:35 - Offensive Frustrations
  • 22:31 - The Final Fourth Down and its Larger Meaning
  • 26:51 - Offensive Effort
  • 35:35 - Iowa State Preview
  • 54:05 - Picks of the Week
Direct download: 239_-_OurDailyPodcast-_Its_the_Hope....mp3
Category:Baylor Football -- posted at: 8:25am CST

There's a lot to unpack after the Baylor Bears' loss to the Texas Longhorns last weekend, and we're deep diving on it. Here's what we're dealing with:

  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 01:42 - Texas Recap From 10/30K Feet
  • 04:45 - A Little Terrel Bernard Love
  • 08:02 - Defense in Review
  • 18:59 - Offensive Line
  • 23:40 - Insitutional Offensive Woes
  • 24:17 - The Punt (and why it doesn't bother us in the long term)
  • 27:46 - Lack of Rushing
  • 39:22 - Offensive Identity (and one dimensionalness)
  • 32:22 - Charting Charlie Brewer
  • 39:19 - Gavin Holmes - The Silver Lining
  • 42:18 - The Offense Didn't Quit
  • 51:52 - TCU Preview 59:00 - Picks of the Week
  • 1:07:44 - Outro (and bonus audio)


Direct download: 238_-_OurDailyPodcast-_Making_Sense_of_It_All.mp3
Category:Baylor Football -- posted at: 10:36pm CST

Baylor Football is (probably?) back! After three weeks without football due to bye weeks and goodbye weeks, Baylor appears to be on track to face off against in-state rival Texas this weekend in Austin. We're talking about it!

  • 00:00: Intro
  • 05:30: Baylor COVID-free?
  • 13:06: Texas Preview
  • 42:42: Picks of the Week
  • 52:08: Outro
Direct download: 237_-_OurDailyPodcast-_Goodbye_Weeks__Longhorn_Peeks.mp3
Category:Baylor Football -- posted at: 8:16pm CST

This week we're looking back at the frustrating game against West Virginia and trying to make sense of Baylor's dismal offensive performance. We're talking about what was a nearly universally frustrating experience Saturday on nearly every level: offense, special teams, officiating, broadcasting, broadcast team... BUT! There was a bright spot: The defense. We're talking about all that in this week's episode, plus picks of the week!

Direct download: 236_-_OurDailyPodcast-_Pizza_Roll_Talk.mp3
Category:Baylor Football -- posted at: 6:36am CST

Baylor played a football game, and won! The Bears got coach Aranda his first win in their first game of the season. We're talking about it. Plus we're talking Trestan Ebner's amazing game, plus looking ahead to WVU this weekend and Picks of the Week!

  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 06:58 - Kansas Recap
  • 36:44 - Trestan Ebner
  • 44:09 - Other Stuff
  • 1:03:21 - Picks of the Week
  • 1:20:34 - Outro
Direct download: 235_-_OurDailyPodcast-_Kansas__WVU.mp3
Category:Baylor Football -- posted at: 7:38pm CST

In this week's eipsode, Coffey, Fank, and Pope are discussing:

  • 01:01 - Talking about the Houston Cancelation
  • 20:17 - So... Kansas?
  • 40:25 - Picks of the Week
  • 52:23 - Outro
Direct download: 234_-_OurDailyPodcast-_The_Files_Corrupted_You_Lost_Everything.mp3
Category:Baylor Football -- posted at: 7:19pm CST

BAYLOR FOOTBALL IS BACK!!! Here's what we're talking about:

  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 01:26 - Baylor Scheduled Houston!
  • 05:52 - A little Big 12 recap
  • 09:49 - The B1G's Return
  • 17:18 - Houston vs. Baylor Preview
  • 37:57 - Season Predictions!
  • 57:24 - Picks of the Week
  • 1:05:06 - Outro
Direct download: 233-_OurDailyPodcast-_Sandlot_Football.mp3
Category:Baylor Football -- posted at: 6:34am CST

This week, we're pivoting a bit in light of the "postponement" of the 2020 Baylor Football opener against Louisiana Tech. Instead, we're discussing that postponement, possible replacements, the depth chart, and then of course the Picks of the Week! 

  • 01:51: Baylor-LaTech Postponed!
  • 26:04: Another Look at the Depth Chart
  • 39:19: Picks of the Week!

We hope you enjoy!

Direct download: 232_-_OurDailyPodcast-_COVIDCanes.mp3
Category:Baylor Football -- posted at: 12:02am CST

This week we're taking a look at the brand new look of both the offense and the defense under the new coaching staff and discussing what we can expect to see from both... as best as we can figure. Enjoy!

In this Episode:

  • 03:42: Single Digits!
  • 30:10: Game Time for Louisiana Tech Set!
  • 34:04: Offensive Preview
  • 51:16: Defensive Preview
  • 1:07:46: Picks of the Week!
Direct download: 231_-_OurDailyPodcast-_Previews_on_Previews.mp3
Category:Baylor Football -- posted at: 10:09am CST

IN THIS EPISODE! Coffey, Fank & Pope discuss the following topics:

  • 06:49: Finalized Schedule!
  • 08:34: Ticketing Update!
  • 13:27: AP Top 25 (lol wut)!
  • 23:42: CFP Committee Update!
  • 27:46: Campus Openings!
  • 35:40: Free Year of Eligibility!
  • 47:01: Quinny!
  • 48:28: Scheduling Notes!
  • 49:16: Linebacker Talk!

Enjoy, everyone!

Direct download: 230_-_OurDailyPodcast-_Smoking_Salmon__Counting_With_The_Olds.mp3
Category:Baylor Football -- posted at: 9:55pm CST

Fank and Pope are back (Coffey's on vacation) because we're going to have a college football season in 2020 (AS THINGS PRESENTLY STAND IT COULD CHANGE IN ABOUT FIVE MINUTES). Anyway, here's what we're talking:

  • 00:00: Intro and recap of the seismic shifts in CFB over the past five days
  • 11:08: It's all on the Big 12 now! Aaaaand, the Big 12 is playing!
  • 21:15: Baylor's Schedule is released!

We hope you enjoy.

Direct download: 229_-_OurDailyPodcast-_Football_In_2020.mp3
Category:Baylor Football -- posted at: 4:11pm CST

The good news for Baylor Basketball fans keeps on rolling. David and Kendall break down the return of Jared Butler and MaCio Teague, as well as what that means for the Baylor line up and the formidable Big 12.

Power Rankings: Donuts

Direct download: Voice_Chat_20200808_0935.mp3
Category:Baylor Basketball -- posted at: 5:47am CST

David and Kendall are back, mid-summer, to discuss the big time basketball recruiting news from the last week, potential 2020-2021 line ups, and the possibility of early pro decisions.

Direct download: July21.mp3
Category:Baylor Basketball -- posted at: 6:00am CST

We're talking about the hard stuff on ODP this week. Coffey, Fank and Pope are talking COVID-19 continued issues, plus how Black Lives Matter and then we have some time for listener questions. Let's get uncomfortable.

Direct download: 226_-_OurDailyPodcast-_The_Hard_Stuff.mp3
Category:Baylor Football -- posted at: 9:08pm CST

Coffey, Fank & Pope are back for a little bit of draft talk, a little bit of recruiting talk, and a little bit of discussion around their favorite Baylor Bears Football games of the decade!

Direct download: 225_-_OurDailyPodcast-_Draft_Croots_Games_of_the_Decade.mp3
Category:Baylor Football -- posted at: 6:28pm CST

Kendall and David recap the pandemic shortened that would have almost certainly ended with a Baylor National Championship.

Power Rankings: Best Board Games

Direct download: Voice_Chat_20200406_1909.mp3
Category:Baylor Basketball -- posted at: 5:30am CST

Coffey, Fank & Pope are back on the podcast to lament the loss of literally every Baylor sport, talk about random things, and answer reader questions! We hope you enjoy. On a serious note, stay safe, everyone.

Direct download: 223_-_OurDailyPodcast-_Kardashians_are_H.Y.D.R.A..mp3
Category:Baylor Football -- posted at: 10:26pm CST

FULL DISCLOSURE: This went off the rails. 

David and Kendall are joined by Mattisbear to figure what the heck is happening in this world. The trio preview the Big 12 Tournament (maybe???).

Power Rankings: Best Things to do at Home if You Happen to be Home for 2 Weeks

Direct download: Voice_Chat_20200311_2029.mp3
Category:Baylor Basketball -- posted at: 5:00am CST

David and Kendall do a quick recap of the anomolous loss to TCU, the shorthanded overtime win against Texas Tech, and preview the last conference game of the year against WVU.

Other topics include: best landing spot for the tourney and the state of the Big 12's tourney hopes.

Power Rankings: Pizza Toppings

Direct download: Voice_Chat_20200305_2204.mp3
Category:Baylor Basketball -- posted at: 5:00am CST

Basketpod! David and Kendall recap the Bears first conference loss to Kansas and obliteration of Kansas State. Preview of the road trip to TCU on Saturday and Big Monday game against Texas Tech at home.

Power Rankings: Elementary School Snacks

Direct download: Voice_Chat_20200226_2202.mp3
Category:Baylor Basketball -- posted at: 5:00am CST

David and Kendall briefly recap the domination of West Virginia. But all sights are set on the Fight at the Ferrell, The Stubhub Drub, Baylor Kansas.

Direct download: Voice_Chat_20200220_2149.mp3
Category:Baylor Basketball -- posted at: 5:00am CST

Coffey, Fank & Peter are back on the podcast to fill you in on the (not so new) news about coaching positions (which Peter happens to call them all head coaches of their positions), recruiting news, a bit about basketball, plus reader questions! Woo!

Direct download: 218_-_OurDailyPodcast-_Head_Coaches_at_Every_Position.mp3
Category:Baylor Football -- posted at: 10:12pm CST

Your Bears remain #1 in the country for the fourth straight week! Gritty wins over Oklahoma State and Texas cap off yet another perfect round of games. David and Kendall preview the big upcoming home game against West Virigina and Tuesday's game against Oklahoma.

Power Rankings: 3-on-3 of Baylor All-Time's

Direct download: Voice_Chat_20200212_2059.mp3
Category:Baylor Basketball -- posted at: 5:00am CST

David and Kendall take a look at the wins over TCU and Kansas State then preview Oklahoma State and the road trip to Austin to take on Texas. Power Rankings: Most Overrated Things

Direct download: 2.7.20.mp3
Category:Baylor Basketball -- posted at: 5:00am CST

David and Kendall review Baylor's big road (upset?) win against Florida in Gainesville and preview the second matchup with Iowa State. Twitter Mailbag. Power Rankings: Best Disney Movies

Direct download: Voice_Chat_20200127_2101.mp3
Category:Baylor Basketball -- posted at: 5:00am CST

Mattisbear and Kendall Kaut are here to cover an explosive game between Kansas and Kansas State, two OK games, take a few listener questions, and talk #TeamDoStuff.

Direct download: 214_-_OurDailyPodcast-_Oklahoma_Games_are_Just_Okay.mp3
Category:Baylor Basketball -- posted at: 3:30pm CST

Dave Aranda is Baylor Football's Head Coach! Coffey, Fank and Peter are back to break down the process, the announcement, the press conference, potential staffing hires, and our impressions of it all. Welcome, Coach Aranda! Let's get to work.

Direct download: 213_-_OurDailyPodcast-_Welcome_to_Baylor_Coach_Dave_Aranda.mp3
Category:Baylor Football -- posted at: 5:08am CST

David and Kendall break down the Bears' history making double-digit win in Lawrence and preview the mid-week game against Iowa State. Power Ranking: Worst US Cities

Direct download: Voice_Chat_20200112_2031.mp3
Category:Baylor Basketball -- posted at: 5:30am CST

David and Kendall recap the Bears gritty road win against Texas Tech and preview the top four showdown against Kansas in Lawrence.

Power Rankings: Best US Cities

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Coffey, Fank & Pope say goodbye to Matt Rhule as Baylor Football's head coach as he heads to the NFL to helm the Carolina Panthers. Here's what we're talking: 2:44: Initial reactions 13:06: Player & Recruit Reactions 15:58: Panthers, not Giants 23:28: Mack Rhoades & Coaching Hires 26:22: Joey McGuire? 39:28: External hire options 45:54: Thank You, Matt Rhule 48:14: NOLA Talk

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David and Kendall are back with the start of Big 12 Conference Play. They guys take a look back at the non-conference schedule, re-examine the state of the Big 12, recap the stomping of Texas, and preview Tuesday's game at Texas Tech. Power Rankings: Worst People at the Airport

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Coffey, Fank & Peter are back to preview Baylor Football's big matchup with Georgia in the Sugar Bowl on New Year's Day!

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Fank and Pope are joined by SicEm365's Grayson Grundhoefer to give some massive props to the Baylor Volleyball team plus break down some puppet tweets and Early Signing Day additions to the Baylor Football team and what the rest of the recruiting cycle will look like.

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Basketpod is back in action as David and Kendall breakdown the Bears' big wins over previously unbeatens, Arizona and Butler! The guys take a look at what the team looks like with and without a healthy Tristan Clark.

A DEEP dive into Kendall's infamous Cane's passion.

Power Rankings: TV Characters

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Coffey, Fank & Peter look back at another hard-fought loss to Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship game. The defense did more than enough for the victory, but Oklahoma's defense plus QB injuries took their toll. But, an incredible performance took the game to OT, and the Bears have a pretty sweet setup left in a Sugar Bolw matchup with Georgia on New Years' Day.

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Coffey, Fank, and Peter are here to preview the Big 12 Championship Game vs. OU! We're looking at what Baylor has to do to overcome Oklahoma this game, what they have been working on since their loss to the Sooners, and the Sooners changes as well. Plus Championship Week Picks!

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With the Big 12 Championship Game Preview on hold for one more night, Fank and Peter are discussing the Volleyball team's spot as the #1 overall seed in their tournament plus All Big 12 honors... for both volleyball and football! Plus a look at the latest CFP rankings and what that means for Baylor's bowl placement.

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Coffey, Fank and Peter ruminate on an historic rise from 1-11 to 11-1 and a place in the BIg 12 Championship Game, recap a dominant win over Kansas and take a look at the potential bowl projections. Plus SOUR GRAPES! Amy and Etta are here for sad tweets to nourish you.

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Coffey, Fank & Pope are BACK on the show to talk about literally (figuratively) every aspect of Baylor's dominating victory over Texas. Plus a little Kansas Preview and Picks of the Week to boot!

BONUS SEGMENT: Hornbeak and Kendall break down a FANTASTIC end to the Myrtle Beach Invitational for Baylor Men's Basketball! Yes they had a time limit. Yes they let us hear about it. Enjoy!

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Amy & Etta are back in the aftermath of a great Baylor win over Texas! Here's what they're discussing:

  • 05:23 - Ice Breaker Topic
  • 13:58 - Herman Talk
  • 16:36 - Fun Texas Facts from Evan
  • 20:09 - Best & Worst from attending the game
  • 26:32 - Sad Tweets!
  • 51:17 - Kansas talk?

Hope you enjoy the episode!

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