Open weeks are the worst. The Worst. With Baylor's first open week of three this week, we try to cope (and probably fail miserably, but I'll let you all be the judge of that). This week Matt T. Wilson joins us to try and cheer us up. Apparently he decided to show up with a potato for a microphone, which explains his audio quality. Sorry about that. We'll work on it for the next time he comes on the show. As usual, we break our time records, but only by a little. Hey, when it's an open date, all bets are off and things get a little crazy on OurDailyPodcast. #KissTheBiceps. Read on for show notes, but first, here are a few important things to keep in mind for this episode of the podcast:

From Merriam-Webster Online:

lis·ten·er·ship noun \ˈlis-nər-ˌship, ˈli-sən-ər-

the audience for a radio program or recording; also : the number or kind of that audience

Ferdinand. You'll understand in a little bit.

And, now, The Show Notes!

The Triumphant Return of News & Notes!

The Buffalo Recap

No Huddle

"Swag" Discussion and Big 12 Look-ahead featuring Matt T. Wilson

#KissTheBiceps, people. Use it. It's going viral.

Community Feedback!

I should probably fill that out with more detail, but I'll just let you listen to the show. Please, enjoy.

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