That's right, folks. You've been waiting with bated breath for the latest episode of OurDailyPodcast. Well, put the torches and pitchforks away, because Episode 7 is available for listening and download! And oh yeah, Dan Rubenstein joins us to talk about a wide variety of topics, including the potential vacancy of a certain head coaching position and Baylor's connection thereto, uniforms, Oregon and Baylor, the SEC, table side guac, and the sustainability of Baylor's success. We had some technical issues, so his audio sometimes cuts out. At any rate... Show notes! Oven the fluid conversation this week the structure is really barebones.

Fun with Dan Rubenstein

Special No Huddle with Dan Rubenstein!!

The ULM Recap

A couple of people were gracious enough to send in voicemail questions and we weren't able to get to them with Dan. Our apologies to Mark T. Bowers and PoppyBear on that front. Community Feedback was focused on questions to Dan, so we didn't have a separate segment for it.

Extra Special Shoutouts!


James Matus!!

Mark T. Bower!!!

Each of these outstanding ODB'ers have contributed to the podcast, allowing us to continue hosting the podcast and tickling your eardrums! If you want to contribute, you can use PayPal to donate to the show using the email address OurDailyPodcast (at) gmail (dot) com. Every little bit helps. A huge thanks to these three for their support!

Also, thanks to SB Nation's Dan Rubenstein for coming on the podcast! Follow him on Twitter by clicking his button below. Also go and listen to The Solid Verbal which you can find on Twitter here, on iTunes, or on Facebook. He's also got great video content on SB Nation and he's a very good looking man. Check him out.


It's been two weeks since we've seen Baylor Football, and two weeks is one full week too long. But the wait is almost over, and OurDailyPodcast is here to help you out! ODB's very own Kate Morrison joins the podcast this week to give us a little bit of on-campus perspective. Join us as we drive this train straight into the ditch. Multiple times. Before we get to the show notes, here's a bit of context for you.


News & Notes


  • Dan Rubenstein is our guest next week! We're going to do a special No Huddle segment for him, so send us your very best and funniest questions for that. Also, if you have specific questions for him, send them to us.
  • The Art Briles book is out! Buy it now. Buy it for your friends. Buy it for strangers.

Special Guest - Kate Morrison Kate talks to folks and reports back! She tells us the general mood of the student body about various topics including the uniforms, team confidence, and the stadium.

New Segment - Picks of the Week!

We pick the Big 12 games against the spread (I believe this image is appropriate for my picks)


ULM Preview

Community Feedback

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Open weeks are the worst. The Worst. With Baylor's first open week of three this week, we try to cope (and probably fail miserably, but I'll let you all be the judge of that). This week Matt T. Wilson joins us to try and cheer us up. Apparently he decided to show up with a potato for a microphone, which explains his audio quality. Sorry about that. We'll work on it for the next time he comes on the show. As usual, we break our time records, but only by a little. Hey, when it's an open date, all bets are off and things get a little crazy on OurDailyPodcast. #KissTheBiceps. Read on for show notes, but first, here are a few important things to keep in mind for this episode of the podcast:

From Merriam-Webster Online:

lis·ten·er·ship noun \ˈlis-nər-ˌship, ˈli-sən-ər-

the audience for a radio program or recording; also : the number or kind of that audience

Ferdinand. You'll understand in a little bit.

And, now, The Show Notes!

The Triumphant Return of News & Notes!

The Buffalo Recap

No Huddle

"Swag" Discussion and Big 12 Look-ahead featuring Matt T. Wilson

#KissTheBiceps, people. Use it. It's going viral.

Community Feedback!

I should probably fill that out with more detail, but I'll just let you listen to the show. Please, enjoy.

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First off, let me just apologize for the delay in getting this episode online. I had some serious challenges in editing this episode. My mic, which has usually been the most stable of the three, suddenly decided that it wanted to pick up the audio coming through my headphones, so I had to mute basically every second of my track that I wasn't talking. It was tedious. Add on top of that a really hectic day and you've got a recipe for a podcast episode being posted after 10:00 p.m. CDT. My bad. And oh yeah, it's long. We tried, folks. We really tried. Okay, maybe we didn't, but we thought about it.  Anyway, show notes!

ODB has Its Biggest Month Ever! And we're just getting started.

The Waffle House Recap

Quickfire Questions/Lightning Round!


  • This week marks the first true week of the segment Quickfire Questions/Lightning Round. We had a lot of fun with these. Keep sending them in, and remember that they don't necessarily have to be related to Baylor sports!
  • Prashanth's girl loves to party all the time.

Previewing the Buffalo Bulls

Uniform Predictions! Each week we're going to predict the uniform combinations we expect to see in the coming week. We'll keep track of the results and update everyone each week during the podcast.

Prashanth: Stormtrooper (white, white, white)

Mark: Gold, green, gold

Peter: Gold, green, gold

Community Feedback and iTunes 5-Star Shoutouts

We had a great response in the Community Feedback section! Several folks sent in questions and we even had some iTunes 5-star review shootouts! Keep sending us your comments and questions and we'll try to get to them on the show.

Get Involved In the Show! How, you ask?


  • CALL US! We got a Google Voice number to take your voicemails! You can leave us a message with your questions and we'll play them back on the show! Call us at (774) 25-SICEM (257-4236).
  • Leave us 5-star reviews on iTunes
  • Email the show your questions at OurDailyPodcast (at) Gmail (dot) com. Also send us your questions for Quickfire Questions/Lightning Round!
  • Support the Podcast monetarily! Hosting the podcasts files online costs money which either is supported by you, or it comes out of our own pockets each week.Giving just a couple of bucks goes a long way towards helping us defray costs.
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