Ladies and gentlemen, gather 'round your podcast player of choice and enjoy Episode 3 of OurDailyPodcast! Right off the bat you'll notice that gone is the creepy, borderline-satanic "announcer" voice (and by announcer voice I mean my voice, modulated) in the intro. Instead, you'll be welcomed by the incredibly talented Chris Griesemer. Chris is a voice over actor and Baylor grad who graciously agreed to help us out with the intro and most likely some bumpers if we ever get around to having officially-named segments. He's doing this out of the kindness of his heart, so go check out his website at voiceforanychoice.com and if you need voice over work done, hire him now. Just listen to some of those demos. They're amazing.

My sincerest apologies to those asking for a shorter podcast. We really tried to keep the time down, but we got carried away and couldn't help ourselves. So, once again, this podcast comes in at around an hour and a half. We'll definitely be trying to work that down closer to an hour next week with the start of the season.

Also, joining us this week as our first ever special guest is BearsTruth's Brian Ethridge! Brian joins us for the full length of the podcast, providing valuable insight into Waffle House Wofford as we break down what the Bears can expect this Saturday. I must say, I like his predictions too. Listen to the show below or follow the links to download this week's episode. But first, the show notes!

News & Notes!

The Waffle House Preview

Season Predictions

  • Game Predictions
  • Bowl Predictions
  • Lightning Round Predictions

Listener Feedback - we FINALLY answer the questions you've sent in

Thanks for listening! We hope you enjoy it.

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Welcome back for another exciting episode of OurDailyPodcast! In this episode, Peter, Mark, and Prashanth cover a variety of topics, including:

Podcast Update - The feedback has been great!
News & Notes

  • Terrance Ganaway Retires from the NFL
  • Preseason Fatigue: Real or Imagined?
  • Robbie Rhodes is a Beast
  • Kyle Fulks Qualifies! ...Sorta.
  • Quick Shot Headlines

Defensive Preview!

  • Prashanth's analysis of last season
  • Injury Report, Including Javonte Magee update
  • Position Breakdown
  • Why does Mark hate The Great Ahmad Dixon? 

We hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed making it! Make sure to follow us on Twitter and keep checking the Our Daily Bears for all things Baylor sports.


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Welcome to the inagural episode of OurDailyPodcast, the official podcast of OurDailyBears.com!

In this episode, we introduce ourselves and talk a little bit about the origins of OurDailyBears, talk about some of the latest news and debate rankings, and discuss Baylor's offense and our expectations for them. 

Come join us for some fun as we figure out what the heck we're doing!

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