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Kendall and David diagnosis Baylor moving forward without Tristan Clark, take a look at the loss to Kansas, and outstanding 3 point shooting night by the Bears in Stillwater in a win against Oklahoma State. They preview Saturday's matchup versus Texas Tech and Monday's game against West Virginia on the road. This week's Power Rankings, the best TV shows of all time.

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David and Kendall have a live reaction to Matt Rhule staying at Baylor, they recap the TCU loss, big home win against Iowa State, and preview the showdown with Kansas on Saturday.

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David and Kendall briefly transform the podcast to cover barbecue but bring it back in time to fully cover the end of non-con and the start Big 12 conference play.

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David and Kendall take a look at the loss to Wichita State and preview the next three games on the schedule. Power Rankings continue with Kendall's second favorite subject behind Baylor Basketball, fast food chicken.

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Fank and Matt threw a basketball themed party while Peter was away from the controls. Topics include: what to expect this year versus what happened last year, new faces, less faces, and zero headbands.

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Fank and Peter are joined by Curtis Schroeder and Jeremy Johnson of the Bear Droppings Podcast for an epic bye week team-up! We talk K-State, the news of the week, and lots of good rails-off fun.

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Fank and Peter pump some sunshine and look for positives out of a second loss against a team that Baylor probably should have beaten. Plus they're looking forward to this weekend's clash with Duke, and a number of changes to the starting lineup on both sides of the ball.

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Craig Smoak of 1660 ESPN Central Texas joins us to talk a bit about Hurricane Harvey relief efforts, Baylor's updated depth chart, a starting QB pronunciation guide, plus season predictions! THE SEASON IS HERE!

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SicEm365's film/scheme guru S11 joins David and Peter to break down the 2017 Baylor defense: schemes, personnel, and expectations!

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Mattisbear sits down with Ishmael Wainright to discuss his basketball career, the transition to football, being the founder of Team Do Stuff, and much, much more.

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March Madness is upon us! The conference tournaments are done, the bracket is locked, and it's time to dance. Baylor's a #3 seed in the East Region, and we're talking about it, a bit on the Big 12 Tournament, the bracket, plus your questions!

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Fank, Mark and Peter are back to discuss the goings on of the past week or so. We're kicking things off with some basketball talk between Fank and Peter, then Mark joins in to continue and break down National Signing Day.

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Covering an absurd amount of ground in a little bit more than an hour: Basketball! Recruiting! Cactus Bowl! Coaching Changes! Basketball! And somehow, not one single reference to the fact that Texas lost to Kansas in football. 

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This is, without a doubt, the worst podcast we've ever recorded. Largely owing to the fact that Peter's hotel Internet decided that it hated him. But, Mark and Prashanth soldier on and do their best to preview the TCU matchup that's coming on Saturday afternoon. Try to enjoy it, but we don't blame you if you don't.

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It's finally here.

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There are show notes, I'm sure. Mark and Peter are too busy previewing the Fiesta Bowl. FIESTA BOWL!

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No clever title this week, just the white hot truth: The Baylor Bears are Big 12 Champs. 

That's right folks. It's finally edited. You watched it live, now listen to it… edited. Between uploading issues, show derailments and dog talk, this may have been the most difficult episode to edit. But it's done, and now ready for your enjoyment. Join Mark, Prashanth, Amy Pagitt and Peter (again) as we exult in the triumph of the Baylor Bears over the Texas Longhorns to clinch the first-ever Big 12 Championship and trip to a BCS Bowl Game. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll probably shake your head in disgust. It's all good.

If you missed the original recording and have a deep, burning desire (you should probably get that checked out) to watch it again, you can check it out right here. Then you can come back and listen to the edited show. It's about a whole 15 minutes shorter! Wow!

News Team, Assemble (live version)!

THE BAYLOR BEARS ARE BIG 12 CHAMPIONS AND ARE GOING TO THE FIESTA BOWL. Is there anything else that's really newsworthy? I guess maybe one or two things. But THE BAYLOR BEARS ARE BIG 12 CHAMPIONS! (It's still really fun to type)

Texas Recap

Dominating performance by the defense, the offense wakes up, KJ gets a pick-six negated by a stupid, stupid call (as well as having another possible INT bounce off the back of his helmet. DOINK.), and much, much more. We get a little sidetracked, too. But that's not really anything new.

Picks of the Week

Prashanth is the man. Peter did pretty well, too. So did Mark. Amy picked Duke. Heh heh heh. Oh Amy.

Bear Droppings

You know the drill. It's calls. And you can still call That Good Ol' Baylor Phone Line! Do it!

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Greetings, friends, we're back in action a day later than normal but putting our signature spin on the weekend's events! Prashanth, Mark, and I are all back this week to talk some TCU recap, amazeballs student fan ticket draw, recap Peter's horrific odds laying skills in Picks of the week, listen to your Bear Droppings (in record numbers!), and much much more.

News & Notes

  • Bryce Petty Commits to Baylor! Oh wait, that doesn't sound right. Bryce Petty is coming back for his Senior Season! There, that's better.
  • 6700+ student tickets were pulled in the first 7 hours that the tickets were made available. Students are TURNT!
  • Gary Patterson said something about somebody, I think. We talk a little bit about that. (Bonus points for who can identify the drop I use in this segment)


TCU Recap

Lots of fun here. As hard as that game was to watch, there are really good points to take away from the game, and there are many positives to look at heading into Texas on Saturday.

Picks of the Week

Mark: 5-2
Fank: 3-4
Prashanth: 3-4
Peter: 2-5

Bear Droppings!

Some seriously good calls this week, and in record number yet again! Thanks for sending those in. Remember, call That Good Ol' Baylor Phone Line at (774) 25-SICEM (257-4236) to leave us your questions, feedback, and Bear Droppings! Save that number to your phone. Then call us from The Case on Saturday. Or immediately thereafter, if you don't freeze. You know, it's all good.


Since we are getting this show out a day later than normal, I'm going to go ahead and give my special request today so that you have a full 24 hours to respond. Here's what I'd like you to do:

Between now and tomorrow afternoon, call That Good Ol' Baylor Phone Line at (774) 25-SICEM and leave us your game predictions on the line! Identify yourself (your name or your ODB screen name, or twitter, any of the above would work fine), give your prediction for the game and what bowl you want to see the Bears in (that's attainable). If you want to add in a clever prediction or something witty, that's fine too, but make sure to predict the game and the bowl.

Can you guys do that for me? If enough call in and do that, I'll append your predictions onto the end of the show. If someone nails the score correctly, we might see about doing something fun. Thanks!

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Greetings, my friends. Relax, take a load off, and gather 'round your favorite podcast listening device of choice. Four friends gathered one fateful Wednesday night to record a podcast known as OurDailyPodcast. As Amy, David, Mark, and Peter sat down to share their thoughts on all things Baylor, they did not expect or imagine what was about to happen. What ensued over the next two hours was equal parts hilarity and terrifying. The name of Texas Tech was invoked. Offense and defense was confused regularly. The simplest of names was mispronounced. It was a dumpster fire of epic proportions. Yet, from the ashes, a podcast episode arose. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you that podcast.

News & Notes

We've experienced ALL of the injuries! Oh noes!

Oklahoma State Preview

Contrary to what Peter may say (many, many times), this is not the Texas Tech preview week. It's the Oklahoma State preview. We're here to calm your fears. Or maybe exacerbate them. I'm not entirely sure.

No Huddle

A very good set of No Huddle questions (thanks to you, loyal listener) is immediately driven right into a ditch. Also, this is for Amy and anyone else who hasn't read it: Meet BEEFTANK, the Jaguars' 400-pound quarterback. Also this: Jaguars 42, Broncos 0: The return of BEEFTANK

Picks of the Week (picks of the weeeeeeek)

Here are your picks! Reminder: these are for entertainment purposes only.

  • (Fank, Mark) Aggy @ LSU (-4.5)(Amy, Peter)
  • OU @ K-State (-4.5) (Unanimous)
  • Kansas @ Iowa State (-5) (Unanimous)
  • (Peter, Amy, Mark) (-9.5) Baylor @ Oklahoma State (Fank)

Community Feedback

First off, let me say that you guys are AWESOME. You came out of the woodwork and put together an impressive list of signs. You even created a fan post about it. If you haven't clicked over to it, you should do so now! We weren't able to get to all of the suggested GameDay signs, but we did give you several of our favorites. Plus, we're putting our favorites to a vote! Plus, I still want to hear more sign options in the comments, so keep sharing!

A couple of the sign ideas needed formatting that the poll options couldn't provide. Here they are:

oso.johnny's sign:

havE we

pbpope's sign:

Can God Save a hooker Orange Pride Escort?

We got a couple of calls on That Good Ol' Baylor Phone Line, but both of them were really difficult to hear. Sorry about that.

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So, this episode is dropping WAY later than I'd originally hoped it would. I almost finished editing before work this morning but was in an all-day mediation and I didn't get home until a little while ago, so I'm just now getting this week's show up for your enjoyment.

This week, Spencer Hall joins us as our extra special guest! Normally we'd be previewing Iowa State, but there was so much fun to be had that we sort of threw convention out the window and went with it. Good times were had by all.

I don't even know that we have show notes for this week. Spencer Hall talks about Art Briles, Baylor football and the state of the program, plus he answers your No Huddle questions. Then Prashanth gives you the shortest preview in podcast history and we make our weekly picks (Mark, we need yours for Sunday). That's all I've got. Sorry folks, I'm in a rush to get this one out.

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It's been two weeks since we've seen Baylor Football, and two weeks is one full week too long. But the wait is almost over, and OurDailyPodcast is here to help you out! ODB's very own Kate Morrison joins the podcast this week to give us a little bit of on-campus perspective. Join us as we drive this train straight into the ditch. Multiple times. Before we get to the show notes, here's a bit of context for you.


News & Notes


  • Dan Rubenstein is our guest next week! We're going to do a special No Huddle segment for him, so send us your very best and funniest questions for that. Also, if you have specific questions for him, send them to us.
  • The Art Briles book is out! Buy it now. Buy it for your friends. Buy it for strangers.

Special Guest - Kate Morrison Kate talks to folks and reports back! She tells us the general mood of the student body about various topics including the uniforms, team confidence, and the stadium.

New Segment - Picks of the Week!

We pick the Big 12 games against the spread (I believe this image is appropriate for my picks)


ULM Preview

Community Feedback

Support the podcast! Send us your questions, comments, and No Huddles to OurDailyPodcast (at) gmail (dot) com. Also, please help us defray some hosting costs by donating to the show using the ODP email address on PayPal (maybe I should provide a link or something)! Follow us on Twitter!


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