In this week's eipsode, Coffey, Fank, and Pope are discussing:

  • 01:01 - Talking about the Houston Cancelation
  • 20:17 - So... Kansas?
  • 40:25 - Picks of the Week
  • 52:23 - Outro
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BAYLOR FOOTBALL IS BACK!!! Here's what we're talking about:

  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 01:26 - Baylor Scheduled Houston!
  • 05:52 - A little Big 12 recap
  • 09:49 - The B1G's Return
  • 17:18 - Houston vs. Baylor Preview
  • 37:57 - Season Predictions!
  • 57:24 - Picks of the Week
  • 1:05:06 - Outro
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This week, we're pivoting a bit in light of the "postponement" of the 2020 Baylor Football opener against Louisiana Tech. Instead, we're discussing that postponement, possible replacements, the depth chart, and then of course the Picks of the Week! 

  • 01:51: Baylor-LaTech Postponed!
  • 26:04: Another Look at the Depth Chart
  • 39:19: Picks of the Week!

We hope you enjoy!

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This week we're taking a look at the brand new look of both the offense and the defense under the new coaching staff and discussing what we can expect to see from both... as best as we can figure. Enjoy!

In this Episode:

  • 03:42: Single Digits!
  • 30:10: Game Time for Louisiana Tech Set!
  • 34:04: Offensive Preview
  • 51:16: Defensive Preview
  • 1:07:46: Picks of the Week!
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IN THIS EPISODE! Coffey, Fank & Pope discuss the following topics:

  • 06:49: Finalized Schedule!
  • 08:34: Ticketing Update!
  • 13:27: AP Top 25 (lol wut)!
  • 23:42: CFP Committee Update!
  • 27:46: Campus Openings!
  • 35:40: Free Year of Eligibility!
  • 47:01: Quinny!
  • 48:28: Scheduling Notes!
  • 49:16: Linebacker Talk!

Enjoy, everyone!

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Fank and Pope are back (Coffey's on vacation) because we're going to have a college football season in 2020 (AS THINGS PRESENTLY STAND IT COULD CHANGE IN ABOUT FIVE MINUTES). Anyway, here's what we're talking:

  • 00:00: Intro and recap of the seismic shifts in CFB over the past five days
  • 11:08: It's all on the Big 12 now! Aaaaand, the Big 12 is playing!
  • 21:15: Baylor's Schedule is released!

We hope you enjoy.

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The good news for Baylor Basketball fans keeps on rolling. David and Kendall break down the return of Jared Butler and MaCio Teague, as well as what that means for the Baylor line up and the formidable Big 12.

Power Rankings: Donuts

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David and Kendall are back, mid-summer, to discuss the big time basketball recruiting news from the last week, potential 2020-2021 line ups, and the possibility of early pro decisions.

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We're talking about the hard stuff on ODP this week. Coffey, Fank and Pope are talking COVID-19 continued issues, plus how Black Lives Matter and then we have some time for listener questions. Let's get uncomfortable.

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Coffey, Fank & Pope are back for a little bit of draft talk, a little bit of recruiting talk, and a little bit of discussion around their favorite Baylor Bears Football games of the decade!

Direct download: 225_-_OurDailyPodcast-_Draft_Croots_Games_of_the_Decade.mp3
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Kendall and David recap the pandemic shortened that would have almost certainly ended with a Baylor National Championship.

Power Rankings: Best Board Games

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Coffey, Fank & Pope are back on the podcast to lament the loss of literally every Baylor sport, talk about random things, and answer reader questions! We hope you enjoy. On a serious note, stay safe, everyone.

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FULL DISCLOSURE: This went off the rails. 

David and Kendall are joined by Mattisbear to figure what the heck is happening in this world. The trio preview the Big 12 Tournament (maybe???).

Power Rankings: Best Things to do at Home if You Happen to be Home for 2 Weeks

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David and Kendall do a quick recap of the anomolous loss to TCU, the shorthanded overtime win against Texas Tech, and preview the last conference game of the year against WVU.

Other topics include: best landing spot for the tourney and the state of the Big 12's tourney hopes.

Power Rankings: Pizza Toppings

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Basketpod! David and Kendall recap the Bears first conference loss to Kansas and obliteration of Kansas State. Preview of the road trip to TCU on Saturday and Big Monday game against Texas Tech at home.

Power Rankings: Elementary School Snacks

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David and Kendall briefly recap the domination of West Virginia. But all sights are set on the Fight at the Ferrell, The Stubhub Drub, Baylor Kansas.

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Coffey, Fank & Peter are back on the podcast to fill you in on the (not so new) news about coaching positions (which Peter happens to call them all head coaches of their positions), recruiting news, a bit about basketball, plus reader questions! Woo!

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Your Bears remain #1 in the country for the fourth straight week! Gritty wins over Oklahoma State and Texas cap off yet another perfect round of games. David and Kendall preview the big upcoming home game against West Virigina and Tuesday's game against Oklahoma.

Power Rankings: 3-on-3 of Baylor All-Time's

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David and Kendall take a look at the wins over TCU and Kansas State then preview Oklahoma State and the road trip to Austin to take on Texas. Power Rankings: Most Overrated Things

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David and Kendall review Baylor's big road (upset?) win against Florida in Gainesville and preview the second matchup with Iowa State. Twitter Mailbag. Power Rankings: Best Disney Movies

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Mattisbear and Kendall Kaut are here to cover an explosive game between Kansas and Kansas State, two OK games, take a few listener questions, and talk #TeamDoStuff.

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Dave Aranda is Baylor Football's Head Coach! Coffey, Fank and Peter are back to break down the process, the announcement, the press conference, potential staffing hires, and our impressions of it all. Welcome, Coach Aranda! Let's get to work.

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David and Kendall break down the Bears' history making double-digit win in Lawrence and preview the mid-week game against Iowa State. Power Ranking: Worst US Cities

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David and Kendall recap the Bears gritty road win against Texas Tech and preview the top four showdown against Kansas in Lawrence.

Power Rankings: Best US Cities

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Coffey, Fank & Pope say goodbye to Matt Rhule as Baylor Football's head coach as he heads to the NFL to helm the Carolina Panthers. Here's what we're talking: 2:44: Initial reactions 13:06: Player & Recruit Reactions 15:58: Panthers, not Giants 23:28: Mack Rhoades & Coaching Hires 26:22: Joey McGuire? 39:28: External hire options 45:54: Thank You, Matt Rhule 48:14: NOLA Talk

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David and Kendall are back with the start of Big 12 Conference Play. They guys take a look back at the non-conference schedule, re-examine the state of the Big 12, recap the stomping of Texas, and preview Tuesday's game at Texas Tech. Power Rankings: Worst People at the Airport

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