Coffey, Fank & Peter are back to preview Baylor Football's big matchup with Georgia in the Sugar Bowl on New Year's Day!

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Fank and Pope are joined by SicEm365's Grayson Grundhoefer to give some massive props to the Baylor Volleyball team plus break down some puppet tweets and Early Signing Day additions to the Baylor Football team and what the rest of the recruiting cycle will look like.

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Basketpod is back in action as David and Kendall breakdown the Bears' big wins over previously unbeatens, Arizona and Butler! The guys take a look at what the team looks like with and without a healthy Tristan Clark.

A DEEP dive into Kendall's infamous Cane's passion.

Power Rankings: TV Characters

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Coffey, Fank & Peter look back at another hard-fought loss to Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship game. The defense did more than enough for the victory, but Oklahoma's defense plus QB injuries took their toll. But, an incredible performance took the game to OT, and the Bears have a pretty sweet setup left in a Sugar Bolw matchup with Georgia on New Years' Day.

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Coffey, Fank, and Peter are here to preview the Big 12 Championship Game vs. OU! We're looking at what Baylor has to do to overcome Oklahoma this game, what they have been working on since their loss to the Sooners, and the Sooners changes as well. Plus Championship Week Picks!

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With the Big 12 Championship Game Preview on hold for one more night, Fank and Peter are discussing the Volleyball team's spot as the #1 overall seed in their tournament plus All Big 12 honors... for both volleyball and football! Plus a look at the latest CFP rankings and what that means for Baylor's bowl placement.

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Coffey, Fank and Peter ruminate on an historic rise from 1-11 to 11-1 and a place in the BIg 12 Championship Game, recap a dominant win over Kansas and take a look at the potential bowl projections. Plus SOUR GRAPES! Amy and Etta are here for sad tweets to nourish you.

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Coffey, Fank & Pope are BACK on the show to talk about literally (figuratively) every aspect of Baylor's dominating victory over Texas. Plus a little Kansas Preview and Picks of the Week to boot!

BONUS SEGMENT: Hornbeak and Kendall break down a FANTASTIC end to the Myrtle Beach Invitational for Baylor Men's Basketball! Yes they had a time limit. Yes they let us hear about it. Enjoy!

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Amy & Etta are back in the aftermath of a great Baylor win over Texas! Here's what they're discussing:

  • 05:23 - Ice Breaker Topic
  • 13:58 - Herman Talk
  • 16:36 - Fun Texas Facts from Evan
  • 20:09 - Best & Worst from attending the game
  • 26:32 - Sad Tweets!
  • 51:17 - Kansas talk?

Hope you enjoy the episode!

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Coffey, Fank & Pope celebrate 200 episodes of the podcast, a massive win for Baylor volleyball, and look ahead to a colossal Baylor Football tilt with Texas on Saturday, where nothing less than a berth in the Big 12 Championship Game on the line.

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Coffey, Fank, & Peter break down an amazing day with a disappointing final result and give credit where credit is due. Plus Amy and Etta are back with an installment of Sour Grapes, including our own... and they're turning the page to look ahead to Texas.

Coff and Peter are joined by very special guest and Baylor Football LEGEND Bryce Petty for a look at Oklahoma and a bit of a trip down memory lane. Sic. OU. We're ready.

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Amy and Etta are back to dish up another helping of sad tweets and fire takes... TCU edition!

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I can't think of a better show title for such an ugly game. Hey look! We have new podcast art! Thanks Jake!! Baylor beat TCU 29-23, and we're talking about it!

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Coffey, Fank & Peter spend some time recapping the College Football Playoff Rankings and marveling at the fact that Baylor is in them. Next up we're talking about how Baylor can go 1-0 this week against a stout TCU defense. Plus picks!

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David and Kendall are back with the hard hitting basketball hot takes. The guys briefly discuss the end of last season, roster changes, and predictions for the season ahead of tomorrow's season opener against Central Arkansas. Prediction Spoiler Alert: Bears are going to be good and the Lady Bears win another Big 12 Title

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MEGA PODCAST! First up: Coffey, Fank & Peter are breaking down that frustrating, yet defensively impressive victory over West Virginia on Halloween night. Then, the Sour Grapes Podcast with Amy & Etta rocks out with some salt in advance of what they're calling TCU Love Week. It's fun!

Come for the recap of a crazy football weekend plus a preview of West Virginia with Coffey, Fank, & Peter, but absolutely STAY for Sour Grapes with Amy Pagitt & Bayloretta.

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Come for the recap of a crazy football weekend plus a preview of West Virginia with Coffey, Fank, & Peter, but absolutely STAY for Sour Grapes with Amy Pagitt & Bayloretta.

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Fank, Coffey and Peter recap Baylor football's massive win in Stillwater over Oklahoma State last weekend, plus engage in a little Open Week speculation plus picks of the week!

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Coff, Fank and Peter recap one of the most frustrating and exhilirating games in recent memory, looking back at Baylor's win over Texas Tech. Next we're discussing what the season-ending loss of Clay Johnston means for this defense and how the Bears might compensate, especially against a potent Oklahoma State offense. Plus Picks!

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Coffey, Fank and Peter are back to talk about a dominant performance by Baylor football on the road against Kansas State in Manhattan, particularly by the defense. Plus we're looking ahead to Homecoming Weekend and Texas Tech, and Picks of the Week!

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Coffey, Fank and Peter are joined by special guest Ty Stimpson to discuss contract extensions, recap the victory over Iowa State and look ahead to a pivotal road tilt against K-State on Saturday.

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We're doing a quick recap of Rice and then plowing straight ahead into Iowa State. Conference play begins Saturday, y'all. Sold Out Gold Out. Do it.

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We're talking about the interesting Big 12 slate from last weekend, previewing Rice, and answering reader questions in what is definitely not the worst podcast we've ever recorded.

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Coffey, Fank & Pope deal with their sadness over no Baylor game this weekend by recapping a dominant win over UTSA, dealing with some open/bye week stuff (shoutout volleyball), plus an interesting Big 12 weekend slate for picks of the week.

Direct download: 186_-_OurDailyPodcast-_Bye_or_Open_Week.mp3
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Coffey gives his picks. Then he, Fank, and Peter break down the win against SFA and look ahead to UTSA on Saturday in what's sure to be a scorcher. Plus picks!

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PREDICTIONS PODCAST! Fank and Peter break down their season predictions. How will Baylor Football fare this season?

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Mark Seymour is BACK on the podcast, joining Coffey, Fank, and Peter to take a look at the depth chart, single digit numbers, and your reader questions in advance of Baylor Football's first game!

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Fank, Coffey, & Pope are back to get back into the groove and answer your questions!

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David and Kendall take a look back at an overall succesful season for Baylor Men's Basketball and shoutout to the NATIONAL CHAMPION BAYLOR LADY BEARS!!!!

They also discuss the rest of the NCAA tournament, best moments from the season, and their picks for team MVP.

Finally, what does next season hold? How good can the Bears be?

Direct download: FINAL_Voice_Chat_20190417_2100.mp3
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David and Kendall. Uncut. Unfiltered. Raw reaction to the Bears 3 point barrage of Syracuse in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. Next up: #1 Gonzaga

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David and Kendall preview Baylor's First Round matchup with Syracuse in the NCAA Tournament. They also take a look at the NCAA Tournament as a whole, picking a winner not-named-Baylor and a double digit sleeper who could make some noise.

Power Rankings: March Madness Takes

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David and Kendall are joined by Mattisbear to discuss the loss against Kansas and look back at the season as a whole. The three look forward to possible NCAA tournament seeding and the Big 12 Tournament opener against Iowa State.

This week's power rankings: Internet Things

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David and Kendall recap a tough week with a loss to K-State on the road and a loss to Oklahoma State at home in which the Bears' offense was lackluster. The guys look forward to a road trip to Allen Fieldhouse to take on KU and the Big 12 Postseason Awards. Power Rankings: Best Snack Foods

Direct download: Final_Voice_Chat_20190307_2212.mp3
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David and Kendall break down yet another undefeated week for Baylor Basketball as the Bears take down West Virginia and come STORMING BACK from a 19-point second half deficit to beat Texas in OT. They look ahead to the final two weeks of the Big 12 title race with the Bears right in the thick of it. Previews of Saturday's game at K-State and at home Wednesday against Oklahoma State.

Power Rankings: You're a boxer, who is in your entourage?

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David and Kendall recap a week on the road highlighted by yet another Scott Drew win at Hilton Coliseum. Shoutout to Kim Mulkey and the Lady Bears on their NINTH straight Big 12 title! Preview of this week's homestand with West Virginia and Texas.

Power Rankings: All-time sports events you want to go back to be in attendance for (even if you were there the first time)

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Fankhauser joins the basketpod to help David and Kendall discuss the injury-depleted loss against K-State and the season sweep of Oklahoma.

The Bears face a tough road strech this week as they head to Lubbock to play Texas Tech and then to Kendall's favorite city on earth, Ames to face Iowa St.

This week's Power Rankings: Workplace Pet Peeves.

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David and Kendall take a look at Makai Mason's big win over TCU and the end of Baylor's winning streak after a loss to Texas in Austin. They preview this weekend's key game against Kansas state and the wrap up of the season series against Oklahoma. Finally, the Power Rankings of the week: Things we are mad about right now.

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David and Kendall are joined by special guest Travis Roeder to discuss Football recruiting. He sticks around to recap the fourth and fifth consecutive wins by the Bears over Alabama and Oklahoma respectively. They preview Saturday's bout against TCU and Wednesday's road trip to Austin to take on Texas. This week's Power Rankings: Things Society Needs to Quit.

Direct download: FINALVoice_Chat_20190130_2152.mp3
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Kendall addresses a bit of ODB house keeping regarding recent publications.

Kendall and David recap a HUGE week for Baylor Basketball, a win over #8 Texas Tech and a road win against a scrappy WVU. Previews of the Big 12/SEC challenge against Bama and this week's road trip to Oklahoma.

Power Rankings for the week: Worst Chain Restaurants

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Kendall and David diagnosis Baylor moving forward without Tristan Clark, take a look at the loss to Kansas, and outstanding 3 point shooting night by the Bears in Stillwater in a win against Oklahoma State. They preview Saturday's matchup versus Texas Tech and Monday's game against West Virginia on the road. This week's Power Rankings, the best TV shows of all time.

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David and Kendall have a live reaction to Matt Rhule staying at Baylor, they recap the TCU loss, big home win against Iowa State, and preview the showdown with Kansas on Saturday.

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David and Kendall briefly transform the podcast to cover barbecue but bring it back in time to fully cover the end of non-con and the start Big 12 conference play.

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