IN THIS EPISODE! Coffey, Fank & Pope discuss the following topics:

  • 06:49: Finalized Schedule!
  • 08:34: Ticketing Update!
  • 13:27: AP Top 25 (lol wut)!
  • 23:42: CFP Committee Update!
  • 27:46: Campus Openings!
  • 35:40: Free Year of Eligibility!
  • 47:01: Quinny!
  • 48:28: Scheduling Notes!
  • 49:16: Linebacker Talk!

Enjoy, everyone!

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Fank and Pope are back (Coffey's on vacation) because we're going to have a college football season in 2020 (AS THINGS PRESENTLY STAND IT COULD CHANGE IN ABOUT FIVE MINUTES). Anyway, here's what we're talking:

  • 00:00: Intro and recap of the seismic shifts in CFB over the past five days
  • 11:08: It's all on the Big 12 now! Aaaaand, the Big 12 is playing!
  • 21:15: Baylor's Schedule is released!

We hope you enjoy.

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The good news for Baylor Basketball fans keeps on rolling. David and Kendall break down the return of Jared Butler and MaCio Teague, as well as what that means for the Baylor line up and the formidable Big 12.

Power Rankings: Donuts

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