Coffey, Fank & Pope are BACK on the show to talk about literally (figuratively) every aspect of Baylor's dominating victory over Texas. Plus a little Kansas Preview and Picks of the Week to boot!

BONUS SEGMENT: Hornbeak and Kendall break down a FANTASTIC end to the Myrtle Beach Invitational for Baylor Men's Basketball! Yes they had a time limit. Yes they let us hear about it. Enjoy!

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Amy & Etta are back in the aftermath of a great Baylor win over Texas! Here's what they're discussing:

  • 05:23 - Ice Breaker Topic
  • 13:58 - Herman Talk
  • 16:36 - Fun Texas Facts from Evan
  • 20:09 - Best & Worst from attending the game
  • 26:32 - Sad Tweets!
  • 51:17 - Kansas talk?

Hope you enjoy the episode!

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Coffey, Fank & Pope celebrate 200 episodes of the podcast, a massive win for Baylor volleyball, and look ahead to a colossal Baylor Football tilt with Texas on Saturday, where nothing less than a berth in the Big 12 Championship Game on the line.

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Coffey, Fank, & Peter break down an amazing day with a disappointing final result and give credit where credit is due. Plus Amy and Etta are back with an installment of Sour Grapes, including our own... and they're turning the page to look ahead to Texas.

Coff and Peter are joined by very special guest and Baylor Football LEGEND Bryce Petty for a look at Oklahoma and a bit of a trip down memory lane. Sic. OU. We're ready.

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Amy and Etta are back to dish up another helping of sad tweets and fire takes... TCU edition!

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I can't think of a better show title for such an ugly game. Hey look! We have new podcast art! Thanks Jake!! Baylor beat TCU 29-23, and we're talking about it!

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Coffey, Fank & Peter spend some time recapping the College Football Playoff Rankings and marveling at the fact that Baylor is in them. Next up we're talking about how Baylor can go 1-0 this week against a stout TCU defense. Plus picks!

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David and Kendall are back with the hard hitting basketball hot takes. The guys briefly discuss the end of last season, roster changes, and predictions for the season ahead of tomorrow's season opener against Central Arkansas. Prediction Spoiler Alert: Bears are going to be good and the Lady Bears win another Big 12 Title

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MEGA PODCAST! First up: Coffey, Fank & Peter are breaking down that frustrating, yet defensively impressive victory over West Virginia on Halloween night. Then, the Sour Grapes Podcast with Amy & Etta rocks out with some salt in advance of what they're calling TCU Love Week. It's fun!