It's time. It's almost here. The 2015 Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic is almost upon us, and we're ready to talk about it! Mark, Peter and (eventually) Prashanth put their heads together to preview this massive game, which just might be, once again, the biggest game in Baylor Football history. Prashanth joins us a few minutes late because of a certification exam or something that he had to take. But he's bringing his usual brand of analytical genius, and the podcast is better for it.

Here's what we're talking about!

  • The Big 12 had a very bad day. A very. Bad. Day.
  • Strange bowl scheduling preferences
  • The issue of motivation in Bowl games. Who's primed for a statement? Who's primed for a letdown?
  • Michigan State is a really good football team and how that impacts readiness and preparation
  • Michigan State's motivations
  • Does Narduzzi taking the Pitt job have any impact on the Spartans defense? What about Montgomery and the Baylor offense?

Pras Joins Us At Long Last

  • Pras is excited about actually getting to go to a game. He got crazy good seats for on the cheap. Peter does not have club seats. Mark does not have seats and that is sad.
  • We go off the rails for just a bit here. Sorry we're not sorry. Also: Live updates from the Texas game! Oh wait... We didn't broadcast this live.
  • Rehashing some of the bowl stuff with Prashanth, because he has great takes and we love him.
  • Bowls as litmus tests for conference strength and statement of future success

Hey Look, We're Talking About The Cotton Bowl!

  • The fascinating statistical oddity that is the Michigan State passing attack - how do we shut down Conner Cook and Tony Lippett?
  • Michigan State's rushing attack with Jeremy Langford and how our defensive line will fare against it
  • Is the Baylor defensive line the best that Michigan State has seen this season?*
  • Mark's key matchup: Our offense against their defense
  • Kendal Briles elevated to the Offensive Coordinator and calling the plays - does that impact anything?
  • Direct Message to Blake Lynch
  • How much do we want to see Antwan Goodley targeted?
  • Who is the Spartans' No. 2 cornerback?
  • Last game of the year, Brent, can't hold anything back
  • Much, much more.
*According the FootballOutsiders.com Defensive Line Stats, it's between Penn State and Baylor, with a slight edge to the Nittany Lions.


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Since the recording of this podcast, there's been some sad news in that Baylor Football lost a commit in Chad President. He'd been committed for almost a couple of years now, and we at Our Daily Bears are sad to see him go. We recorded this podcast about 16 hours too early, it would appear, but we were ready to get some audio laid down for you guys about some of the other happenings from recent days, plus get you some audio for your Christmas Eve travels, should you require it.

One note about the audio: For some reason unknown to any of us, Mark's audio track had some clipping in it that makes it sound like I've edited out a word or two in a sloppy manner. We're not really sure what happened, but rest assured that it wasn't that Mark was overly vulgar and I was going crazy with the editing tools.

What We're Talking About

  • Jarrett Stidham committed to Baylor, and we're thrilled about it
  • Possible scenarios with the quarterback situation (note: At one point in here Pras talks about being sad that someone in this group may not get to finish their Baylor experience; I was editing that portion of the show as the President news broke, and it struck me as prescient.)
  • The aftermath and dark underbelly of recruiting fandom
  • The great day the Big 12 had
  • What's at stake with recruiting and how to respond to it
  • The importance of high-value targets
  • There's still more to come before National Signing Day.

Let's Recap The Regular Season! ...sorta

  • Prashanth's preseason prediction regarding Petty being a better QB overall, though not reflected on the stat sheet
  • Did we see peak Goodley this season? Was he injured?
  • Coleman's season vs. what we were expecting to see, especially in light of his preseason hamstring injury
  • Offensive Line: The big surprise of the season, especially in light of the injuries experienced
  • Looking back to look forward, plus some more recruiting talk!
  • The "5-star vs. diamond-in-the-rough" debate
  • Disappointments of the season (note: we went 11-1 and won our second straight Big 12 Championship. Any actual disappointment is extremely minor)
  • Taylor Young is a sneaky blitzer
  • The future, friends, is very bright. Whatever Shawn Oakman and Spencer Drango decide.


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We're talking about a TON of stuff, including: ESPN College GameDay, Kansas State vs. Baylor, A Second Big 12 Championship, The Big 12, The College Football Playoff. 


Plus much more!

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Podcast version of a live broadcast from ODB on December 4, 2014. We're talking ESPN College GameDay in Waco, the game against Kansas State, the College Football Playoff, and more. Enjoy!

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In case you haven't heard, ESPN College GameDay is coming to Waco on Saturday for the tilt against Kansas State. You know we're talking about that, and we do quite a bit to start. Mark, Prashanth and I are here to do just that as well as talk about surviving Texas Tech in Arlington over the weekend. Here's what we're talking about:

College GameDay heading to Waco! And related topics


  • The most on-the-nose cold open ever.
  • Our reaction to the news, including outlook on how it affected our moods in the aftermath of the Tech game
  • Note: Pras cut out at one point in here, but the way we record allowed me to salvage the point he makes. I left it in, then shifted to the conversation Mark and I had while he was gone. You may notice a somewhat abrupt conversation change from a conversation perspective.
  • The rankings and our feelings towards them this week
  • NOTE: Let's not go crazy with our engagement of the media this
  • Signs, Signs, everywhere signs (more on that in a bit) - We're discussing the 61-58 sign and its prevalence.


Recapping Texas Tech


  • The tale of two games: With and without Bryce Petty and how his injury impacted both sides of the ball
  • Tech was able to find matchups to exploit
  • Resurfacing of the three-man front and the lack of designed blitz packages
  • In which aspect of our offense/defense are we most confident
  • "It's Tech's Bowl Game!" and how that actually impacted the play of the game
  • Ryan Reid and his amazing forced turnover
  • More Big 12 Ref fun and Rod Gilmore
  • The two respective hits on the QBs
  • Bryce Petty's injury and his status moving forward


Backing up... GameDay Signs!

We talked about it in the podcast, but someone mentioned that they're going to put up a fanpost for GameDay sign ideas. Since we're going to be doing a live preview show on Thursday night, we'll talk about those sign ideas, pick the best, and maybe put up a poll so that you can vote on the best ones. Bears, bring the wit. Let's do this big.

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NOTE: This was recorded on Sunday night, but work prevented me from getting the podcast compiled and edited. Sorry about that. We're opening up by talking about the ridiculous weather during the game on Saturday night which, if you weren't there, was significantly worse than it appeared on TV. It rained intermittently during the first half and started truly raining right before half time and didn't stop raining for the rest of the game. The rain got heavier as the game went on. Pras was able to stay dry by watching the game from his couch. Mark and his wife got amazing rain suits that kept them dry, while I had more trouble because my $4 poncho ripped and the sole of my right boot fell off at about the first touchdown. That's right... Fell. Off. It was weird.

Here's some of the topics we're talking about in this one:

  • How the weather impacted the play on the field
  • Mason Rudolph's performance (kid can ball out, y'all)
  • Defensive game plan and execution against a new quarterback
  • The lack of a conspiracy in the media to keep Baylor out of the conversation*
  • Once again, it's not the holding of the Selection Committee, it's the reasoning that bothers us
  • Mark and I have trouble differentiating between Indiana and Illinois
  • I have a theory about what criteria the Selection Committee will use this week (I was wrong, but I think my theory makes more sense than what they actually used)
  • Ryan Reid
  • The best passing defense Baylor's beaten this year
  • The true source of Auburn's run of luck last year and FSU's this year
  • More!

Happy Premise Number 1: There are no aliens.
Happy Premise Number 2: There is no giant foot trying to squash me.
Happy Premise Number 3: Even though I feel like I might ignite, I probably won't.
-Eddie Murphy in Bowfinger

I'm not so sure about HP#1... Jeff Long may just be an alien. HP#2 is absolutely false. But, HP#3... that one's pretty true. The entire Baylor fan base probably feels like they'll ignite right about now.

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We hope you enjoy it!

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Are all of our questions answered? not ALL of them, but many. Bryce Petty. The offensive line. The defense. So many questions, all of them answered. And suddenly, back in the hunt for a spot in the College Football Playoff.

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Are you #ReadyForOU?

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Get it.

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Oh my goodness, it's our second episode in a row with everybody being in their normal recording locations! It must be some kind of record or something! Or... not. Anyway, it's a good thing when we're all in our natural habitats. And we're pumped to talk about this week's massive game on the road against the West Virginia Mountaineers.

First Things First

In case you haven't been paying close attention for the past two years, you don't know that your Baylor Bears have a massive, and I mean MASSIVE, rivalry with West Virginia. Back in August, those well-known college football experts and historians at Southern Living Magazine asked their readers to tell them what their favorite college football rivalry was. Was it the Iron Bowl between Alabama and Auburn? Clemson vs. South Carolina? Florida vs. Florida State? Or Baylor vs. West Virginia? We at ODB agreed with Southern Living, and asked you, dear ODB Commentariat, to vote on which game in this rich, storied rivalry was your favorite. Nearly 200 of you responded by choosing from a vast array of two choices, electing the 2013 clash of these rivals as your favorite. We couldn't agree more.

News Team, Assemble!

Don't you love the News Team? We do, and it's been FAR too long since we trotted it out. Anyway, we're talking about the #StripeMcLane effort for Homecoming against Kansas and our excitement about it, as well as the Blackout against Oklahoma State on November 22. We've talked about it already on the blog, but we can't help ourselves, this is going to be really cool. Tell your friends, tell your neighbors. These are exciting things, people. Once more, because it's worth getting that image out again, here's the #StripeMcLane layout:


Next up we're talking about the Student Bus packages for the game against the Oklahoma Sooners in November that students waited in line for over four hours to get these passes, and they sold out in a little over 1 hour 20 minutes. That's pretty impressive. We're talking about what it says that the students snatched up all of those bus passes in that amount of time in the context of building a big time program and football culture at Baylor. If you're a student and you weren't fortunate enough to get a ticket, you can still make the trip with your friends in your own vehicle. The more the merrier! We also segue a little bit into the level of excitement of the fan base as a whole, and we all agree: there's not a more excited fan base in the state of Texas right now (thank you, football team, for beating TCU and enabling us to say that).

Previewing West Virginia

We're breaking down this matchup in all sorts of interesting ways. Many of you have commented on it, and we concur: the single best way to slow down the West Virginia offense is to get to Clint Trickett early and often. If Shawn Oakman and the rest of the pass rushers can harry Trickett frequently in the early goings of this game, it's probable that he'll get off his game and won't be accurate in getting the ball to the man that is clearly their best player in Kevin White. We're also giving tremendous respect to Head Coach Dana Holgorsen because the man knows his stuff. We think that they'll try and counter that pressure by getting the ball out of Trickett's hands quickly and into the hands of their WRs and RBs (which they use in the passing game more frequently than Baylor does theirs, as Mark mentioned in the First Look post). Trickett is pretty good at doing that so it will be interesting to see how they do.

Another key will be solid, fundamental tackling. For the perceived challenges in the secondary, Ryan Reid and Xavien Howard have been excellent in not giving up a ton of yards after the catch with solid fundamentals in tackling.

BUT WAIT: This West Virginia team may be the best roster in terms of guys with excellent names. Rushel Shell. Wendell Smallwood, point guard for Hickory High School. Dreamius Smith. DaeJuan Funderburk. Dontrill Hyman. The list goes on.

We realize that we didn't talk in great detail about our offense vs. their defense, but we got a bit of talk in there about it. We just had to move on for time purposes.

Picks of the Week

I'll fill these in at some point quick.

Community Feedback!

Thanks for sending in those questions, all you who did. With an open date looming after West Virginia, you can bet that we'll be reaching out to you all for more questions in the next week or so. Remember, you can send us questions to the podcast by emailing them at OurDailyPodcast(at)gmail(dot)com, tweeting at the podcast (linked below), asking Mark via email or Twitter, or calling That Good Ol' Baylor Phone Line at (774) 25-SICEM (774-257-4236). Podcasts are always better with listener interaction, and we covet yours!

Lastly... Bryce Petty, you go get it. You pad those stats. We love it.


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Baylor overcame a 21-point deficit in the last 11 minutes of the game on Saturday to defeat the 9th ranked TCU Horned Frogs in Waco in front of a sold-out McLane Stadium. We're reacting to it and breaking it down for you. Enjoy!

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This is, without a doubt, the worst podcast we've ever recorded. Largely owing to the fact that Peter's hotel Internet decided that it hated him. But, Mark and Prashanth soldier on and do their best to preview the TCU matchup that's coming on Saturday afternoon. Try to enjoy it, but we don't blame you if you don't.

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Though the outcome seemed like it was in doubt early, your Baylor Bears ended up rolling over the University of Texas Longhorns 28-7 in what turned out to be an incredibly solid defensive game. Mark and Peter are talking about the game and about what turned out to be one of the craziest weekends in college football history. Come join us, won't you?

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Baylor Bears vs. Texas Longhorns preview, plus a tired look at the Iowa State Game

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#43B - OurDailyPodcast: LIVE-Previewing Buffalo and Community Fun!

Also we're doing picks of the week and taking ODB Commentariat questions. This is a recording of a live show that was broadcast to ourdailybears.com on Thursday, September 11, 2014. It has been left largely unedited in the interests of time.

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It's finally here.

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It's time for the Baylor Football Defensive Preview podcast! 


Check out www.ourdailybears.com for more information.

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#38 - OurDailyPodcast: This Offense is Razor Sharp


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In this episode we're talking about Baylor's latest commit, the Coaches' Poll and Baylor's #10 ranking, the Big 12 Schedules, and answering your questions!

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Mark, Prashanth and Peter are back to break down the Big 12 Media Days and completely dissect quotes and comments. Because it's almost football season, but not quite yet.

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Mark, Peter, and (gasp!) Prashanth are back and ready to talk Baylor football (and a little bit of basketball) and the major developments of the past few days and weeks. We're talking Big 12 Champions football developments, recruiting, Robbie Rhodes, Isaiah Austin and the tragic end to his career. Join us for some fun!

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#34 - OurDailyPodcast: The Sweet Sixteen

The podcast couldn’t miss the opportunity to talk about this magical time of year. Peter is joined by Matt Isbear and Fankhauser to weigh in on all things March Madnessy. As you may or may not know, Mark was on Radio Wisconsin on Monday, so he was all audio’ed out by the time we recorded this. I looked for audio from it to link to the stream, but apparently the Wisconsin radio station recorded every hour of the show save the one in which Mark participated. Curses!

Apologies for not getting this out quicker than today. Work exploded in my face yesterday and I got home last night and collapsed in a heap of complete and utter uselessness. Hopefully you’re able to enjoy the pod in advance of tomorrow’s excitement.

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year?

Matt and David agree: This is the best time of the year from a sporting perspective. I can’t say that I fully disagree from a compacted, intensity point of view, but am a little more hesitant. What say you? Is this the most wonderful time of the year for sports? Talk about it in the contents.

Tournament Talk!

David, Matt, and I share our thoughts on the most surprising aspects of the tournament so far. There’s been a LOT of upsets this yea, but is that any different than any other year? Regardless, it’s made the tournament extremely exciting thus far. We also talk a bit about Baylor’s matchup vs. Nebraska, the crowd, the defense, and more.

Baylor Crushes Creighton

Baylor handles Creighton and its star performer, Doug McDermott in a massive way. Could there be a more perfectly executed game plan? We talk all about it. I could write about what we talked about, but then I’d leave you no reason to listen to the podcast.


Of course, we talk more about Wisconsin to help prepare you for our Sweet Sixteen Matchup on Thursday. Get pumped.

Community Feedback!

MattyMattMatt put out the call on Twitter right before we recorded, and you all responded. We answer your questions and apologize to TinyArtBriles. Conner asks one of the more awkward questions the podcast has ever had. Also, Matt doesn’t want to put the horse before the cart. Matt likes his carts going first, dang it.

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#33 - OurDailyPodcast: Everything is Awesome

It's an entire podcast talking about Baylor Basketball. Your dreams have come true.

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#32 - OurDailyPodcast: Beats By Drago

The extremely talented Josie Drago joins us for some fun discussions.

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We're BACK, baby. It's been far too long.

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